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October 2020
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Why the Kettlebell?
With Don Saladino & Dr. Chris Holder
With a fitness world filled with an array of devices, machines, free weights and gadgets, how does the kettlebell become the preferred training tool by the top experts in the field? Celebrity trainer Don Saladino and longtime strength and conditioning coach Chris Holder both agree that if you want to get into superhero shape, or professional athlete strong and fast, the kettlebell is likely be the best choice, period.
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Filtering the Problem:
Do You Have the Right Functional Movement Solution for Shoulder Mobility?

With Brett Jones, FMS
When there is a limitation in shoulder mobility, we take a little closer look to rule out any underlying problems that may need attention or even need to be referred to a health care professional if pain is experienced.
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Metabolic Stability Series:
3 Keys in Understanding Functional Training

With Josh Henkin, CSCS
When you say the words "stability training," most of us think of exercises that make us wobble or shake a lot. Sadly, that isn't stability training. In order to address stability, we need a much better understanding of what we are trying to achieve.
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Move Your Feet:
Introduction to the "Load-Explode"

With Guy Massi
Join Coach Massi and Matt Massi as they introduce the "Load-Explode" movement, and explore its use as an "objective measure" for clients and athletes alike.
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FMS Movement Podcast – Episode 13
Training High-profile Clients
FMS Movement Podcast
In the season 2 premier of The Movement Podcast, Gray and Lee sit down with their friend Brian Nguyen.

Brian's resume includes Head Athletic Trainer for the LA Avengers, assistant AT for the Jacksonville Jaguars, as well as coach & trainer for many movies including: The Longest Yard, Semi-Pro, Invincible and The Fighter.
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Functional Movement Screen (FMS) 1 and 2
November 6-7, 2020
The FMS certification is for professionals who work in the fitness, healthcare and performance industry. In FMS Level 1, focus on movement principles and how they play into the importance of setting a movement baseline with the Functional Movement Screen.

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) 2 Virtual Course dives into vital concepts of movement competency and exercise programming. You will learn how to select the best exercises for your clients based on their FMS results and get them on a customized path for lifelong movement health. During this interactive, virtual experience, FMS instructors will be available to answer your live questions throughout the course.
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