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APRIL 2019
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Metabolic Stability Series: Building Better Push-ups
With Josh Henkin

I often thought of exercises like the push-up as a nice beginner exercise, or a good finisher to a workout. But the push-up can really be a powerhouse drill, and it's important to build up push-up qualities.
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Move Your Feet – Drop Push Progression Decelerate Slide
With Guy Massi

Coach Massi from Massi-Machado Strength and Conditioning shows you how to create instability and apply it to directional speed and the drop push.
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Lebert Fitness – Inverted Row
With Marc Lebert

The Inverted Row is one of the main exercises that I invented the Lebert EQualizer for. It can be difficult to incorporate pulling movements in body weight training. The EQualizer makes a very effective portable pulling solution!
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Whiteboard Talks – Movement Screening Clarity
With Gray Cook, FMS

In this video, FMS co-founder Gray Cook explains the importance of setting a baseline from a human lens rather than relying on technology to assess bigger picture biological behavior and patterns.
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OHM Run Delta-Kinetic Trainer
The OHM Run enables athletes to engage in natural, functional, ground-based movement against fixed-speed or fixed-load resistance. It provides biomechanically superior training compared to traditional sled pushes and pulls or bungee-resisted exercise, while allowing force and power optimization through full range of motion.
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One-Day "Learn-by-Doing" Seminars
Perform Better's Learn-by-Doing Seminars are designed to provide trainers, coaches and therapists with a hands-on learning experience with some of the top professionals in the industry – at a price that is very affordable!
Baltimore, MD – April 13, 2019
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2019 Functional Training Summits
For everyone who trains or rehabs clients, patients and athletes.

Orlando, FL – June 6-9, 2019
Chicago, IL – June 27-30, 2019
Long Beach, CA – July 18-21, 2019
Providence, RI – August 1-4, 2019
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Perform Better Functional Training Institute:
Developing the Modern Athlete & Client
West Warwick, RI
May 18, 2019

Whether you're a novice or seasoned fitness and performance coach, join Coach Guy Massi on a journey in creative methods and newly emerging strategies necessary to effectively navigate the demands and challenges faced in developing modern athletes and clients.
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National Fitness Business Alliance "Business of Fitness" Seminars
The NFBA has been the leader in fitness business solutions for over 3 decades. Learn a simple fitness business system to increase revenue!
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St. Louis, MO – April 18-19, 2019
Little Rock, AR – May 9-10, 2019
Rosemont, IL – August 15-16, 2019
Baltimore, MD – September 26-27, 2019
Stamford, CT – November 7-8, 2019
Long Beach, CA – December 5-6, 2019
2019 FMS & FCS Courses
Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
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