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Metabolic Stability Series – Shoulder Mobility Pattern Breakdown
With Josh Henkin

In movement, the Shoulder Mobility pattern works in conjunction with the Active Straight Leg Raise pattern. The Shoulder Mobility pattern is the upper body reciprocal motion pattern, and the Active Straight Leg Raise is the lower body reciprocal pattern.
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Move Your Feet – Violent Feet Concepts: Forward Reverse Drills
With Guy Massi

Coach Massi explains Violent Feet Concepts as they pertain to maintaining and gaining ground in game or life-speed performance. Drills are progressed to promote these concepts as they apply to the proper utilization of Ground Reaction Forces.
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FMS Whiteboard Talks: Movement Impacts Performance
With Gray Cook, FMS

In this video, FMS co-founder Gray Cook discusses how subtle chnages in movement can create measureable changes in performance.
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What does "Lifting Heavy" Actually Mean?
With Ingrid Marcum, CSCS

It's been amazing to watch more and more women gain an interest in strength training recently, evidenced by all of the "strong is the new skinny" memes. But strong isn't really the new anything; strong has always been strong. It's just finally gaining more of a female audience!
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One-Day "Learn-by-Doing" Seminars!
Perform Better's Learn-by-Doing Seminars are designed to provide trainers, coaches and therapists with a hands-on learning experience with some of the top professionals in the industry – at a price that is very affordable!
Fair Lawn, NJ – Jan. 11, 2020
San Francisco, CA – Jan. 25, 2020
Los Angeles, CA – Feb. 8, 2020
Austin, TX – Feb. 22, 2020
Orlando, FL – Mar. 14, 2020
Boston, MA – Mar. 28, 2020
Chicago, IL – Apr. 11, 2020
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2020 National Fitness Business Alliance Seminars!
The NFBA is the leader in fitness business solutions and helps fitness professionals and owners grow their business and develop the professional skills needed to find great success. Their events are fun and educational. Sign up now!
Providence, RI – Feb. 13-14, 2020
Orlando, FL – Apr. 9-10, 2020
Rosemont, IL – May 14-15, 2020
Stamford, CT – Nov. 5-6, 2020
Long Beach, CA – Dec. 17-18, 2020
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2020 FMS, SFMA, and FCS Courses!
Play to your strengths and work on your weaknesses.
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International Hockey Performance Summit!
The IHPS is a gathering of the best minds in hockey performance. Back by popular demand, this event promises to deliver! State of the art practices, principles, as well as top technology shared in an intimate setting.
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