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Kettlebell Instructional Videos


Jason C. Brown

by Jason C. Brown


Kettlebell Size/Weight Selection



Learn about how to select the right kettlebell weight for your size and experience.



Kettlebell Swing



Learn the kettlebell swing exercise, incuding preparatory stretching exercises. The swing is a fundamental kettle bell exercise.



Kettlebell Snatch



Learn the proper technique in the kettlebell snatch exercise which is based on the kettlebell high pull.



Vertical Kettlebell Snatch



The kettlebell vertical snatch exercise is a great snatch variation for creating power and explosiveness.



Kettlebell Turkish Getup #1



The Kettlebell Turkish Getup Exercise is a very popular kettle bell exercise with many variations.



Kettlebell Turkish Getup #2



Jason C. Brown demonstrates and explains a less common variation of the Kettlebell Turkish Getup Exercise.



Kettlebell Overhead Presses



Learn a few different variations of doing a kettlebell overhead press.



Kettlebell Versatility



This training video explains why the kettlebell is such a versatile tool to have and the advantages a kettlebell has over a dumbbell.



Jason C. Brown, BS, CSCS


• Internationally recognized expert in Kettlebell Training for fitness & sport.

• Coach and consultant for world and national champions specializing in combat sports performance and preparation.

• Author and Co-author of numerous DVDs and books.

• Co-owner of Urban Athlete, Philadelphia's premier athletic development academy.

• Creator of Kettlebell Athletics Certification for Fitness Professionals.