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Protecting and Saving your fitness Business

Perform Better wants to help! We've teamed up with some of the top professionals in the fitness industry – including Thom Plummer, Rick Mayo, Todd Durkin, Frank Nash, and more – to put together a video series to help set your business up for success during these difficult times, and to ensure you come back better than before.

We'll be sharing these videos with you, which will include some great information, insight, and ideas from our Perform Better partners. We're confident that they can help your business in the short term, and will carry you to success in the future.


Part 1: Protecting and Saving Your Business, with Thom Plummer


Part 2: How to Support Your Clients, with Thom Plummer


Part 3: The Importance of Staying on Schedule and Being Consistent, with Thom Plummer


Part 4: Be a Leader and Welcome New Opportunities, with Thom Plummer


Part 5: Building a Community of Trust with Your Clients, with Frank Nash


Part 6: Goal Setting for You and Your Clients, with Rick Mayo


Part 7: Managing Business in Times of Crisis, with Todd Durkin


Part 8: Three Step Action Plan, with Pat Rigsby


Part 9: Leading Your Fitness Business Through the "Here and Now", with Rachel Cosgrove


Part 10: Building Your Community, with Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove