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Why Perform Better?


Whether you are opening a small personal training gym or a major strength & conditioning facility, Perform Better's Fitness Facility Design Team will work with you from layout to installation to create the fitness facility design that best meets your needs and budget! From start to finish, we have extensive experience in the design and layout of large training facilities, college and high school gyms, and smaller personal training studios. We can also assist you in commercial equipment selection, outfitting and installation. Perform Better has everything you need for your workout facility – one stop shopping!



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"When it was time to outfit the new facility in the $100 million dollar Agganis Arena, I turned to the same guys that had always helped me when I needed any piece of equipment. With Perform Better, no job is too big and no job is too small. You get the same attention and service for all your needs, from major purchases like power racks and platforms to small items like medicine balls. Perform Better is unique in that they can and will serve all your needs. I noticed one big thing when I went to select equipment; suddenly everyone in the equipment business knew my name and wanted my business. Perform Better knew me when the budget was small and the needs were few. When it came time for big purchases I was smart enough to go back to the guys who were willing to do the small stuff. I have not regretted it. Service is excellent, as was the installation. Perform Better was always there for me no matter what the need." -Mike Boyle, MBSC