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The Glute Truth: Understanding The Science of Glute Training

The glutes are a popular muscle in many workout programs. Being able to create more power, strength, and even reduce the chances of low back pain are a byproduct of better glute training. With the popularity, a lot of myths and misunderstandings of proper glute training is extremely common. During our webinar, Physical Therapist, Jessica Bento and Strength Coach, Josh Henkin breakdown what the research tells us about effective glute training and which exercises are the most effective (spoiler: it isn’t the hip thrust). Don’t miss a chance to gain a deeper understanding of how to address one of the most common muscles of the body.

• Director of Operations for Innovative Fitness Solutions & Ultimate Sandbag Training
• Heads up the Educational Programs for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training
• Has worked in every aspect of Physical Therapy, including Sports Rehab, In-Patient Neuro and Geriatric Populations

• CEO, Ultimate Sandbag Training and Creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System
• Has been teaching continuing education programs for over 15 years in 13 countries, including kettlebells in Russia
• Consulted and created programs for all populations from US Marines, to Division 1 programs, to hospital wellness programs

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Topic: The Glute Truth: Understanding The Science of Glute Training

3:00-4:00pm EST

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