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Mobility Myths: Understanding The Science Of Better Movement

Mobility is at the root of any good fitness program because if we can't move well how do we achieve any fitness goal? As popular as mobility training is in the current fitness, performance, and therapeutic landscape, the truth is there are a lot of misunderstandings/misconceptions of what actually constitutes good mobility training. How are you able to filter all the information on mobility to get to what really works?

Join physical therapist, Jessica Bento, and strength coach, Josh Henkin for our next Perform Better webinar about not just understanding the real science of mobility training, but how to apply that to real world training. As Arthur C. Clarke's famous saying goes, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." The "magic" we can create in better movement comes from understanding how the body functions, the role our nervous system plays, how to set forth proper progressions, and truly appreciating what is limiting our mobility.

The result is not only far more effective mobility exercises and workouts, but far more time efficient forms of training. We don't have to choose between building better mobility or fitness/performance, they should go hand in hand. Join us for this FREE webinar that will help you avoid the common pitfalls of mobility training and actually get incredible results.

• Director of Operations for Innovative Fitness Solutions & Ultimate Sandbag Training
• Heads up the Educational Programs for Dynamic Variable Resistance Training
• Has worked in every aspect of Physical Therapy, including Sports Rehab, In-Patient Neuro and Geriatric Populations

• CEO, Ultimate Sandbag Training and Creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System
• Has been teaching continuing education programs for over 15 years in 13 countries, including kettlebells in Russia
• Consulted and created programs for all populations from US Marines, to Division 1 programs, to hospital wellness programs

Tuesday, September 26th, 2023

Topic: Mobility Myths: Understanding The Science Of Better Movement

3:00-4:00pm EST

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