Jason is one of the world’s top Golf Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He owns and operates Tour Performance Lab and Kinetica Golf Performance in Vancouver BC; specializing in training rotary athletes, bio-mechanics, physical assessments and functional strength training.

Jason is a consultant for many top professional athletes from the PGA Tour, European Tour, Nationwide Tour, LPGA to professional snowboarding. He is also the head strength and conditioning coach for the Canadian National Team. Jason is also the head of the Titleist Performance Institutes Fitness Advisory Board.

Jason has been featured on the Golf Channel, Golf Canada Magazine and CBC Sports. Jason has his own TPI TV show “The Jason Glass Performance Lab”. Jason has published 3 DVD’s specializing in creating explosive rotational power in athletes.

Jason graduated from University of British Columbia with a bachelor of Human Kinetics and is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist with the NSCA.

Jason is a professional speaker and lead presenter for the Titleist Performance Institute. Jason has presented internationally on golf conditioning, functional training, corrective exercise progressions, and creating rotary power for all athletes. His enthusiasm, sense of humour and passion for training makes Jason a crowd favorite on the speaker’s circuit.

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Put that kettlebell down! Kettlebells are for closers! In this episode we go DEEP into the world of kettleBell training. We discuss the different styles of kettlebells, different schools of technique, kettlebells vs dumbbells, the power of eccentric loads, Girevoy Competition Style (Flow and efficiency based with breathe for ease) vs HardStyle (High intensity, low rep using intra-abdominal bracing). I also share stories of how I learnt how to use kettlebells from a skinny Russian in a shitty apartment who introduced me to Valery Federenko (The Wayne Gretzky of Kettlebells). This episode may anger coaches and athletes that believe there is only one way to use kettlebells. Whether you come from the school of #PavelTsatsouline @strongfirst or #GrayCook and #BrettJones @FMS or #RKC… at the end of the day it is a tool. Thats it! Not a cult, not a way of life, but a weight that is beautiful to move. So debate all you want! I can take it… I am a master debater. All week I will post articles and videos on my social and website to introduce you to some concepts that might just go against your kettlebell beliefs. Would that be such a bad thing?

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