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Balance and Stabilization Training Zone!


At Perform Better, we know Balance and Stabilization Training! We're here to answer your balance and stabilization questions, or to help you select the proper stabilization and balance training equipment for your needs.


Balance and stabilization training focuses on the ability to maintain proper posture over the body's support base. Balance training is beneficial for improving dynamic joint stabilization (the ability to stabilize or keep the joints in proper alignment during movement). Dynamic joint stabilization is critical to injury prevention and improved performance. Typically performed on a single-leg and/or on unstable equipment, balance training is fun and challenging!


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Ask the Expert: Gray Cook


Gray Cook"Balance and stability are keys to functional movement. A simple balance beam can be added to any program to create active rest and reset the sensory motor system. If screening and testing reveals a balance problem you have many creative ways to address it, but start with the basics like beams, and discs and balance pad."

Gray Cook, MSPT, OCS, CSCS – Co-founder of the Functional Movement System



Ask the Expert: Alwyn Cosgrove


In this video, Alwyn Cosgrove (co-owner of Results Fitness) talks about the importance of balance and stability training and provides some training tips.



Balance Training Equipment Categories


We carry an extensive and varied selection of balance and stabilization training equipment including:


Balance Pillows and Pads

Balance/Wobble Boards

BOSU Balance Trainers

Stability Balls

Balance Beams