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Thera-Band Stability Trainers

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$44.95 to $62.95


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Thera-Band® Stability Trainers are oval-shaped, color-coded pads, supplied in three densities to provide a progressive system of balance training. 

  • Thera-Band Stability Trainer is used in exercise programs to improve motor skills and balance, particularly among the elderly, and for knee, back and ankle rehab.
  • The green (firm) and blue (soft) Thera-Band Stability Trainers are closed cell foam pads with an anti-slip ridged surface and oval foot fitting shape. The foam pads are effective for balance training in older adults, rehabilitation of lower extremities, and for sports performance enhancement.
  • The black (extra soft) Thera-Band Stability Trainer is the latest balance training product to expand the Thera-Band® progressive balance training system. Filled with air, this Stability Trainer provides advanced challenge compared to the green and blue Stability Trainers.
  • Coupled with the firm (green) and soft (blue) foam stability trainers, Thera-Band balance products now offer an integrated, progressive system of instability and challenge, similar to other Thera-Band products in color progression and activity levels.

  • Dimensions
  • Green (Firm) - 14.5" L x 8" W x 1.75" H
  • Blue (Soft) - 16" L x 9" W x 2" H
  • Black (X-Soft) - 17.25" L x 10.125" W x 2.5" 
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    great pads for workouts

    by -

    better, cheaper and more durable than the competition (the way over-priced airex pads which fall apart).

    quality small pad

    by -

    Good for 1-Foot, or 1-Knee activities, not necessarily 2-Foot/Knee activities. Good alternative to Airex. If looking for Airex quality, do not buy Firm-green one.