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Professional FMS Test Kit

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A high-end, self-contained testing kit.

  • Wood test kit is made of bamboo and has a urethane coating for durability
  • Kit can be broken in half, making it perfect for travel
  • Side poles screw into kit and can be packed up easily
  • No-slip grip tape on the bottom of the kit keeps it from sliding during testing
  • Laser engraved measurement numbers are easy to read and will not fade
  • Professional kit includes an FMS travel bag to store and carry your kit
  • Includes the Motor Control Screen Slide Box* 

    Please Note: The Professional FMS Test Kit is calibrated using the metric measuring system. It measures in centimeters.

    *About the Motor Control Screen Slide Box:

    The Motor Control Screen (MCS) is a stability test that gives you vital information on how you stabilize, balance and control your movement through single limb competency. The MCS is part of the Modified-FMS and Fundamental Capacity Screen. The Motor Control Screen Slide Box is a critical piece of equipment that is needed in order to effectively collect the most accurate and reliable data. It was designed to be placed onto the FMS test kit for more efficient testing.

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    high quality

    by -

    high quality

    Durable, Classy kit but slightly flawed

    by -

    I recently purchased the professional FMS kit. I have previously used the (nonprofessional) FMS kit and found it to be adequate but I wanted a bit more class to use with my clients at my upscale facility. I'm pleased with the overall quality and substantial feel of the device. I do have 2 items that could be improved.

    1) The couplings for the 2x6 are VERY hard to unlock when the device is assembled. There is less than a half inch to squeeze in a finger and unlock it and its quite painful. I used a key to do that until a very generous client took it home and routed out an extra half inch. This practice should be adopted for future kits.
    2) The main dowel is 3 pieces rather than 2. This seems unnecessary given the dimensions fo the very well designed carrying case and dowel carrying sleeves.

    Overall - great piece of gear.