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Pro-Tec Roller Massager

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The Pro-Tec Roller Massager with trigger point release grips is made from hard maple wood, two types of foam, and PVC plastic. The foam on the roller sinks into soft tissue to roll out tightness. The rounded foam grip ends provide trigger point release. Includes instructional brochure covering 20 massage and trigger point release techniques.

Roller Massager Benefits:
  • Deep Tissue stimulation for maximum muscle performance
  • Expedited Recovery
  • Effective tool for Myofascial Release

    Roller Massager Techniques:
  • Can be used with long or short strokes.
  • Longer strokes provide a general deep tissue massage over a greater surface area.
  • Shorter strokes are used to target a specific knot or area of muscle tightness. 
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    perfect for knots in the calf

    by -

    Good device to have on hand for self massaging of the legs. Easy to carry, simple to use, seems durable...and probably has more uses than I am realizing so far!