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PB Extreme Single Leg Squat Stand

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$119.95 $169.95
SKU: 4068-01

$25 Shipping Mark-Up

$119.95 $169.95

$25 Shipping Mark-Up


Perform single leg exercises comfortably with the Single Leg Squat Stand.

The squat is arguably the king of exercises when it comes to muscle building. Only the dead-lift rivals the squat when it comes to muscle recruitment. Squats are beneficial not only for their muscle building qualities but also for their effects on metabolism and fat burning hormones. Nothing will get your fat burning engine revving faster than performing squats. While performing heavy squats indicates overall strength and power,

Nothing says strong legs like doing single leg squats…

The single leg squat is recognized among fitness circles as one of the most difficult exercises to perform. Often times referred to as the “pistol squat,” this exercise forces intense muscle work for the weight bearing leg, and focuses not only on the quads, hamstrings and glutes, but the core as well.

If you are looking for a way to build serious muscle and strength in the legs while toning your core muscles, it doesn’t get much better than this…

The Perform Better single leg squat stand makes performing single leg squats and exercises more effective and more comfortable while providing a higher degree of safety.

The single leg squat stand features:

  • Perfect for working your hamstrings, glutes, quads, and lower back.
  • Use for all single leg work. No more searching for a bench!
  • Sturdy design now has a one-piece tubular steel base with a heavy-duty encased foam covering.
  • Overall dims: 32"L x 22"W x 18"H

A $25 shipping surcharge is added to this item, as it is over-sized. 

Please feel free to call, live chat, or email us at Performbetter@performbetter.com and we'll gladly provide you with a customized shipping quote. 

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Stand works as advertised!

by -

"I bought this product after I read about it on Ben Bruno's website. Rear elevated split squats seemed like a great exercise I could do at home to supplement gym training, but it was always a challenge to get the rear foot comfortable on a flat bench so I avoided the exercise for the most part. This well thought out piece fixes that problem.

Okay, it's not the overbuilt, super heavy-duty piece of US iron that some enthusiasts love, but it's not priced like one either. So it's a perfect compromise - works perfectly, reasonably priced, sturdy, came to me 24 hours after I purchased it. It's light enough that you can move it around easily or push up against a wall for more bracing if you are working heavy. The pad is thick and comfortable. And it works exactly as one would hope (maybe input from Ben?). The lack of adjustability in height has not been an issue at all for me at 5'11'' as mostly it's about positioning your body horizontally rather than vertically (unless you are very short or very tall) to change muscles emphasized."


by -

Aghhh the Bulgarian Split Squat... hated by all but also respected.

Love this split stand and already bought 2 more. This is a staple SL lower move for my athletes at my training facility.

Personally love these and the padding is easy on the back foot. If you’re used to using a bench for this move purchase one of these. World of a difference and pain free.

Easy to store or push to the side and move.