PB Extreme Jam-Ball

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6 reviews


Best all around workout!!

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"I've found slammer ball workouts to be exhausting,

<br>And just about the most effective core-strengthening exercise I've done. Similar to kettle bells, but

<br>Unlike kettle bells there's less momentum to help

<br>You. I'm a very fit 220lbs guy, after a few minutes with

<br>A 30lbs ball, I'm winded!"


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love that they don't bounce, extra work to pick it up.

Broken Jam Balls

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While the jam balls have been very effective in our speed and strength program, 3 out of the 4 25lb balls broke 14 months after they were purchased. The manufacturer has only a year warranty. With them being $45 a piece, they don't seem to be worth the money if they need to be replaced every year.

Great Workout Tool

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I have incorporated this ball into my personal workouts as well as with my clients and it has proved to be a useful tool.

perfect slam ball, but 20lb ball too large?

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The ball's main function, to be slammed, works great. It is strond and durable. Only thing is, the 20 lb ball is very large, yet only filled about 1/3 of the way, so the bladder seems bigger than it needs to be. The 10lb ball is NOT too big, it's perfect.

PB Extreme Jamball

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I was incredibly disappointed in this slam ball. It is not sized well for the material inside. It is very unbalanced. Can be used for slamming to ground, but not even very good for that purpose. Hard to control because of this imbalance. Check out another site for this item. Total waste of money.