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PB Extreme Converta-Ball

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PB Extreme Converta-Balls have a removable rope. Medicine balls with ropes are great for swinging, chopping, slamming and throwing exercises.

Take your medicine ball training to the next level with the PB Extreme Converta-Ball Medicine Ball! With its removable rope, the Converta-Ball Medicine Ball is an incredible tool for increasing rotational strength and flexibility, overall upper body and core strength, coordination, balance, and agility.

PB Extreme Converta-Balls are designed to withstand even the toughest workouts. The removable rope can be used to slam, chop or throw the ball. Medicine ball exercises using the rope include the side-to-side rotation chop against a wall, the seated wood chop, vertical shoulder rotations, overhead rotation, swinging figure eight, diagonal wood chop, overhead toss and spinning hammer toss. The rope can be easily removed to use the Converta-Ball like a regular medicine ball.

  • Use the rope to slam, chop or throw the ball.
  • Perfect for all rotational medicine ball work.
  • Remove the rope to use as a regular medicine ball.
  • 1 kg. and 2 kg. are volleyball size; 3 kg. is basketball size; 4 kg. – 7 kg. Converta-Balls are slightly larger than a basketball.
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    Convertaball- Core Workout to the Max

    by -

    This is a medicine ball with a sturdy rope for short burst high intensity power drills targeting the core midsection. The ball is also detachable for free style medicine ball drills. Golfers and baseball players don't want the competition to know about the wonders of explosive rotary power developed from this fitness tool! All out explosive bursts of core power generated from the torso calls for a most intense effort. That is what it takes to hit a long drive or home run. Do yourself a favor and add the tornado ball to your fit toy box. Use it among friends and expect to wait your turn until everyone has had a go at it. You may be wise to have a couple different weights to work with as you build functional strength and core power.

    my first convertaball

    by -

    I bought the green ball and asked my Coach to train me with it. He was skeptical so I gave it to him for a week. He really has been impressed and trained me with it in numerous ways. I even left it with him to use with others and it has been a great addition for change up with other folks as well.

    Rotational power

    by -

    I really like the tornado balls for training rotational power.