Overspeed Trainer

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Use at any distance up to 100 yards.

  • This training device offers guaranteed safety - its cable will not break.
  • Runner #1 runs half-speed which propels runner #2 into over speed.
  • Runner #2 is able to maintain regular stride and good posture throughout.
  • Runner #2 runs twice as far as #1.
  • Includes secure cable. 
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    Double trouble workout!

    by -

    We use this for both over-speed and resistance training. Highly recommended!

    Outstanding tool for overspeed

    by -

    Probably one of the highest risk reward devices that exist. If you’re a profesional training with a professional specialist there should be no issue. This is a staple of speed development for our pro athletes. However, finding extra y hook belts has been extremely difficult and weve been forced to just buy more overspeed trainers, which is less than ideal.

    Overspeed Trainer Big Up


    This is a wonderful piece of speed developing equipment that I was able to use via a friend. Based on the results I've decided to get one, thumbs up.