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OHM Run Delta-Kinetic Trainer

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Optimized strength and power by working against accommodative resistance. 

The first commercial application of OHM’s innovative Delta-Kinetic™ resistance, the OHM Run represents significant innovation in the fields of general fitness/wellness, performance training, and rehabilitation. The OHM Run enables athletes to engage in complex, highly functional, ground-based exercise against either fixed-speed or fixed-load resistance in the horizontal plane. This allows for a training experience comparable, but biomechanically superior to traditional sled pushes/pulls or bungee-resisted exercise, and enables users to optimize force and power and maintain proper gait through full of motion. The Run can be used with the specially engineered OHM Power Harness vest, for robust core engagement and load dispersion, or with handles or bars for distal or off-axis loading.

Combine its game-changing resistance with the ability to accurately track and report performance data, and the OHM Run clearly sets a new standard in intelligent functional training.

For more information and pricing, please call 1-888-556-7464.

  • Fixed speed and fixed load resistance settings allow for dynamic horizontal movements
  • Reactive Resistance Technology responds to every user's ability, making it ideal for training and rehabilitation
  • Accurately tracks force and power data
  • Resistance ranges from 0-200 lbs. in constant speed mode and 10-100 lbs. in constant force mode
  • Fixed speed range goes from 0.1 MPH to 10.0 MPH in 0.1 MPH increments
  • Weight: Unit- approx. 100 lbs.

*Manufacturer's Note- Unit requires floor or wall mount (sold separately) or other firm anchoring.
  • Size (W x D x H facing machine): Wall Mount - 22.5" x 10" x 60", Floor Mount- 22.5" x 30" x 58"

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definitely a game changer

by -

I tried this product at a Perform Better summit... it blew me away! I truly believe that this concept for resistance makes perfect sense and will change the way we think about resistance training... it was really fun to use - the movements are endless.

Game changer


I also tried this out at the providence perform better summit and it was an amazing piece of equipment! No doubt that this is a complete game changer for training any client but especially athletes!


by -

The capabilities of the OHM Run Delta Kinetic Trainer are endless. It can be used for all populations from firing up the CNS to finishing your workout.

Favorite piece of equipment

by -

Amazing functional piece of equipment! If I knew how great this piece was going to be I would have bought two of them. There are so many ways to train on this. It’s not only fun for the client but also the trainer. I use this machine with every client and find myself loving the ability to change between lbs and speed. The variability is amazing and I would love to purchase more of these and create a class using just this equipment. Well done OHM!


by -

Great for all ages and training levels. Excellent way to build either either strength or speed. I have gained results personally and with clients in a matter of days.

Highly Recommend Getting This!

by -

This is a great piece of equipment! I highly recommend getting it, whether you're a strength coach or personal trainer. I've had it for 4+ months and use it with everyone, from 12 year old AAA hockey players through NHL. Keep finding new ways to use it, all the time