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The hottest new tool in training.


  • Combines the utility of a kettlebell with progressive, leverage based resistance.
  • Great for adding frontal and transverse anti-rotation to any exercise.
  • Progress or regress any exercise just by changing your hand position.
  • Weighted steel bell allows you to focus on stabilizer muscles and stimulates the core.
  • Easily adaptable to all exercise progressions.

The Lever Bell is a unique tool that allows us to load traditional exercises in multiple planes and provide a challenge to the trainee with a reduced overall load on the system. For some, more load is not the answer. The Lever Bell can provide a global stability challenge to the trainee without compressive forces on the spine. Additionally, they can serve as a great warm-up tool prior to heavier lifting to prime reflexive stability.

Check out Josh Henkin and the DVRT team's workout plan for the LeverBells:

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Amazing new product!

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I love them! I watched a few of Josh Henkin's videos in the Training Zone section of the website before I ordered some. He uses these quite frequently. The combination of weight and balance creates very dynamic exercises.