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NEW! Effortlessly assess movement and measure progress.

The beauty of the Functional Performance Mat is in its simplicity:  it is compact, easy, clear, and user-friendly. It is also highly adaptive and allows for multipurpose use. From a TRXMinibandsMedicine BallsValSlidesExercise Wheels, and many more pieces of equipment. Assessment of Movement is effortless and clients see progress one workout to the next. Person specific exercises are many but confusing options/adjustments are few.  Modern, high tech equipment is the antithesis of complicated – it is immediately accessible and usable – no assembly, no complex instruction.  There should be no bar to entry, and use should be sustainable over time based on personal improvement and quality of product. Muscles worked: Full body and brain. When you’re vertical, all muscles connect to the inner ear, which improves coordination, balance, speed and agility.

Description: The Functional Performance Mat has markings 1-72 and 18 boxes for BETTER placement of the Body.

It helps the patients, clients, athletes place their hands in the proper position when doing exercises. The boxes make for quick cueing and positioning of the hands or feet.  Exercises are scalable session to session and helps keep the students accountable to doing their routine properly time after time.

Functional Performance Mat:

  • Measurable progress
  • Scalable: Adjust workouts, beginner to advance movements
  • Portable: Carry to the Gym, Health Club, or Hot Yoga Class
  • Better Positions mean BETTER results 
  • BETTER Queing: Client understands movement quicker and repeats
  • Repeatable: session to session, Therapist to Aid, Clinic to Gym
  • Improve Efficiency of movement
  • Self-Sufficiency: Replicate what you were taught
  • Accountability: Metrics help you know where you are so you keep improving or maintain your fitness level
  • Successful Results: Happier Clients & Customers
  • Size: 72”L x 26”W

"The Functional Performance Mat has become a regular part of our training systems at Fitness Quest 10. We use the mat with all of our clients from the average Joe to our professional athletes. Not only do our trainers love it because they can visually see and track progress, but our clients are raving about how much improvement they’ve seen since using this product.”

-Todd Durkin: Fitness Quest 10

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Absolutely love the mat!! Great for training clients and extremely versatile in its use! More importantly It adds a fun component to training with the numbers and works awesome with sliders! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!