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First Place Portable Foam Glute Ham Bench

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SKU: 4065-01

$26 Shipping Mark-Up*


$26 Shipping Mark-Up*


The Portable Foam Glute Ham Bench is a low-profile, inexpensive glute ham bench.

  • 100% foam core maximizes comfort during all hamstring, low back and glute exercises.
  • Measures 29"L x 23"W x 18"H.
  • Custom colors and logos available.

  • *Due to the size and weight of the Portable Foam Glute Ham Bench, a shipping surcharge will be added to this item at checkout. Please feel free to call, live chat, or email us at Performbetter@performbetter.com and we'll gladly provide you with a customized shipping quote. 

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    Incredible Value

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    I decided to build a home gym in my basement. I needed portable gym equipment. I bought squat stands with spotter arms, adjustable dumbbells, bands, an indoor sled, an Olympic bar and bumpers, and proper matting. Everything stores in the basement closet and takes five minutes to set up. The only thing I was missing was a GHR. A regular GHR was out-of-the-question due to size constraints and the lack of portability. I considered buying a smaller, portable, floor-based GHR which I found which was about $600 but then found this GHR and bought this one and I'm very happy that I did. It can't weigh more than fifteen pounds and I can carry it with one hand. It hammers my hamstrings more than the Hammer Strength GHR at my previous gym did (that machine probably cost $1200-1500). I use it alone and position it far enough from my basement wall so that I can use the wall as my "footplate". I place a sled with two 45s on it in front of to prevent it from moving. Incredible value overall.