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First Place Lateral Resistance Band

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Extra thick, padded ankle straps provide comfort and versatility.

  • Use for lateral walks, runs, shuffles, monster walks, and more
  • Padded ankle straps attach with Velcro around the leg
  • 6" long tube provides the perfect amount of resistance
  • Available in three different resistances
  • Extra Challenge with the Extra Heavy Bands!


    The heavy band is great for stronger clients. I am a personal trainer and running coach and I use these bands myself and with of my clients. Clients love to hate these bands, but they work!The short length adds challenge to the resistance--they are killer. Love them!

    Very Efficient


    The Mini exercise bands are very effective and handy you can get a riduculously amazing workout with these bands

    Stretchy, stretchy!!


    I was actually afraid at first to stretch this one and my yellow one to their limits, but they are amazing and work great.

    Very handy


    "What I like about the short resistance bands is that I'm able to easily and quickly bring them with me where ever I go. I use these for forward and reverse walking and standing lunges and walking and standing side lunges.

    When the bands break, I use them for my upper body."

    First Place Lateral Band is very durable/well made, but not practical.


    The First Place Lateral Resistance Band is a very well made and durable item. However, (for me) it is too long to do lateral and/or forward/backward movements and too short to perform leg strengthening exercises. I am not sure as to what it would actually be good for.

    Very satisfied with these bands

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    Great product and you can't beat the price. I even suggested my gym to order these. I've had mine for about 5 years and the velcro wore out so I just bought a new orange one.

    Too long, too heavy

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    In theory, the bands are great. However, they are too long, the cuff does not go small enough, and the resistance is too heavy. They go unused at my gym. I would love to see a new design.

    Clients did not find comfortable

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    After using both heavy and medium bands with several clients I ask for their feed back and they all had one thing in common... Comparability. The bands are tough and challenging however many clients had the same level of discomfort during use for all lateral walking movement. Some clients you could see the irritation from the strap rubbing on the skin. For glute use many movements seem to be fine with level of comfort.