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First Place Competition Kettlebell - Old Style

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$114.95 to $149.95 $80.50 to $104.95
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$114.95 to $149.95 $80.50 to $104.95

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First Place Competition Kettlebells are competition style kettlebells made from a steel shell with an unpainted, sanded handle.

First Place Competition Kettlebell Features:

  • The kettlebells are available in 16 different weights (from 8 kg. to 48 kg.)
  • Color coded on face of the bell for eash identification of weight.
  • Handles are unpainted and sanded.
  • Shell is made from steel NOT iron.
  • Competition style kettlebell.
  • All sizes are the same diameter.

  • Benefits/Uses:

  • Develop total body strength, power, and endurance.
  • Increases your dynamic flexibility.
  • Off-centered weight of kettlebells increases core stabilization, agility, and proprioception.
  • Use for squats, throws, cleans, jerks, snatches, rotational swings and more.

  • Some heavier weights have a shipping surcharge added.  Please feel free to call, live chat or email us at performbetter@performbetter.com and we'll gladly provide you with a customized shipping quote.   

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    Invest in the best!


    The one and only kettlebell I recommend my clients to purchase. The bell lays smoothly on your forearm, plenty of space for a full grip, and solid base for renegade rows!

    Love comp bells!


    I love competition bells! They work really well for swings. I'd much rather use a competition bell than a normal bell.

    Great Product


    I enjoy using the kettlebells with my clients and for myself as well. It allows me to take them anywhere and are a good replacement to dumbells as well.

    Competition size kettlebells


    I enjoy using the kettlebells with my clients and for myself as well. It allows me to take them anywhere and are a good replacement to dumbells as well.

    First Place Competition Kettlebell


    I added this 8Kg Kettlebell to my collection of other bells which I had one of this size already. I had in the past purchased a few locally but were not the competition models. I now have 2 each of these Competition Kettlebells from 8Kg to 24Kg. These are in my home gym for self, family & friends.

    Perfect for training and competition.


    I bought these for training and for competition. They work perfect. Before using, you will need to sand the handle to remove a thin layer of film. This will help you grip the bell better without feeling like it will fly out of your hands.

    Mostly good. Would recommend.


    Overall, I have been happy with my purchases. I have 2-12kg, 2-16kg, 2-24kg and 3-32kg KBs. I am looking to get some more to complete the set and with that said, there are some good and bad things about them. I like the handle, the overall feel of the KBs. In 2 of my KBs, there is a rattle (they are not the "hollow core" type, so that means that there is stuff rolling around the inside. One of the first 32kg KBs that I ordered, I was swinging it the first day, first use ever and the bottom plug came out. It basically ruined the bell, but Perform Better was quick to replace it. I like having unity in my set, so thats why I would go with these bells again, plus, for the price, its hard to beat.


    by -

    In short, smooth stainless steel handle GLIDES against hand instead of GRINDS like all my cast irons up to this point. Volume of bell sits tightly in the rack like a glove - force pulls your center straight DOWN, not DOWN/TO THE SIDE. Horns and handle create just enough room so that two handed lifts/swings feel nice and tight but not cramped - one handers also like a glove. I bought this because I needed a 40KG and the competition grade was on sale (for a steal). Now, tho, I may never go back to regular bells. LOVE THIS BELL!

    I cannot speak enough praise for this kettlebell, and, ahem, if Perform Better would like to send me, oh I dunno, a pair of 32KGs to review (OOH, and a 48K single!), I would be more than happy to write out my thoughts for those as well ;)