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First Place Competition Kettlebell

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A boat load of information.


I went last year for the fisrt time and had an amazing time. Lots of great information. Make sure you bring a notepad!

A Must Have!!!


Great fitness tool! Made well and Highly recommended for your fitness arsenal!



These are amazing!!! My orthopedic surgeon gave me a pair of these back in the 80's when I was dealing with heel spurs. I thought I was going in for cortisone injections. Instead he handed me a pair of these Hard Heel Cups. I thought he was nuts! But, he knew what he was doing. I have continued to use them to this day & have passed many pairs out to friends who are amazed when they use them (oh yea, I get the same "are you nuts look" that I gave my Dr. I do always start with a new pair when I start wearing a new pair of shoes.

Best speed trainer in any direction


These chutes made an awesome addition to our Summer speed training program. We run an SAQ camp for high school athletes and the variable resistance provided by these chutes allows us to adjust the training for each athlete's abilities. The chutes pop open immediately providing resistance throughout the run.The quick release belts are simple to use and great for a variety of training strategies. We use them in our agility work as well since the chutes open quickly during side to side and backward movement drills. One of the best designed chutes we've used!

Better than any Roller I've ever used!


Love the Rollga Roller - its amazing!



Love these!!

Great idea, but...


I had great hopes for these spikes - to be easier to install and remove than the standard 2-sided spike. But in reality, there are problems.

<br>First, if you are installing them in a shoe that has ANY spike recess or not-really-hard spike plate, the contacts are too short (at least on the sizes up to 1/4" - I haven't tried the longer ones yet) to get it fully seated and tight. Then they just get looser from there and are a maintenance nightmare.

<br>Second, from a logistics point of view, all new spike shoes come with the standard 2-sided spikes and a free wrench - everyone has them. But if you want your kids to be able to remove these spikes on their own, they need the special hex tool. There is really no way to fully switch your team over to these.

<br>It was a good try, and I really wish they would have worked, but just not making it from the team perspective.

Great product for a great price.


Don't hesitate to buy this javelin. It's the best value on the market for young throwers. My daughter began throwing last summer and has been very successful with this javelin. I don't anticipate having to get her a "better" javelin for some time. This is a very good product for a very reasonable price.

Great product, great price.


I got this javelin for my daughter last summer. She has been very successful with it. It’s a very good product at a very fair price. I don’t anticipate having to move to a “better” javelin any time soon. I believe this is the very best value for a beginning to intermediate thrower.

I think good HAMMER


Good very nice

Invest in the best!


The one and only kettlebell I recommend my clients to purchase. The bell lays smoothly on your forearm, plenty of space for a full grip, and solid base for renegade rows!

Longevity issues


I bought these for my Yoga and Pilates studio and the break within a month to a month and a half.

No Bang for the bucks


Did not work. Having to return.



These parachutes have more resistance and are very quick opening, I highly recommend these chutes to help increase speed for all sports.

Poor Design


Poorly designed pistol. The cylinder rotates freely and will advance over a live round or rotate back to a spent round causing misfires over and over. It is very frustrating and distracting during a track meet. I would not purchase this as the primary starters pistol.

Put weight suggestions for each band.


These Bands are great. Please put weight suggestions for each band though. Its harder to tell what to get.

Read the purchase and use instructions.


Have been given two discus to see if I could have side plate repairs performed. Please be aware that the manufacture's statement is factual. Do not throw it as a practice disc, and only on soft surfaces. If not, plan on buying another.

These are great


A "must have" for all exercise enthusiasts!

Turn on your feet!


This mat is a great training stimulus to get feet firing to brain! We use multiple training protocols!

Very faraway