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First Place All-Purpose Exercise Band

29 Reviews
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All-Purpose Exercise Bands are extremely strong and durable and come in six resistances. They are made of two heavy-duty 4 foot bands that connect to a 10" nylon loop. 

  • Because each side of the tubing connects to a center nylon loop, each arm can push and pull independently of the other.
  • Train with a partner or connect the loop to any secure object, such as a door jam or our Hammer Head Anchor Gym.
  • Train in all planes of motion (Sagittal, Frontal, and Transverse).  
  • Resistance training is a great addition to any program; build muscle and tone while maintaining flexibility and balance. 
  • Handles are made of hard plastic.
  • See chart below for resistance levels per distance stretched.

  • Ratings & Reviews

    29 reviews


    Amazing, versatile, product


    We use this product in a variety of resistances at the Human Performance Center in El Paso. This product is perfect for all age groups, and ability levels. There are countless ways to utilize this product for any workout or athletic program. I would highly recommend this product to anyone. They will wear out after 10-12 months depending on how much use they get, but for the price you can't beat it.

    First Place All-Purpose Bands are excellent and very durable.

    by -

    The First Place All-Purpose Exercise Band is a very durable and useful item. I have used them (in various levels) for years and consider them to be very beneficial as a supplement to my workouts.

    Love it

    by -

    Love it. They were made for all purpose

    Great Product!


    I have been using this First Place All-Purpose band with a personal trainer, and at home, or on the go for nine months. I love the durability, and simplicity of this workout product.

    Great Product and Customer Service

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    My personal fitness trainer recommended these bands and I have been using them for nine months. The bands, and Perform Better customer service is definitely five-star!

    Super Quality

    by -

    This was my fifth set of these bands. I did not have to replace anything but wanted several sizes. We now have the purple, pink, orange, yellow and blue and from one end to the other (spectrum-wise) they are top quality and very well made. I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering this sort of device. They do the job well with most any doorway as your anchor point.

    Great go-anywhere, versatile training tool

    by -

    I've been using the orange version of this forever and it had gotten pretty stretched out, so I decided to replace it with one at the next resistance level for more of a challenge. Seems great! Definitely more resistance but doable - just what I needed. I love the handles and built-in doorknob loop. This is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment I own, good for upper and lower body and especially core, like anti-rotation exercises.

    Best product for in home or mobile training

    by -

    Trust me , don't waste your time using any other type of band for in home or mobile training purposes, These bands are strong , durable and highly functional, as they can be attached to all types of indoor or outdoor apparatus. I have used them for years and have been highly satisfied with their pefrormance.

    Versatile for Many Exercises

    by -

    Ordered this for use at home during stay at home time with gyms closed. Works well and I am able to improvise many exercises using this, including for my back, abs, and arms.

    Excellent general exercise equipement.

    by -

    Got several different color/strength bands. I'm 60+. First used them in PT after shoulder surgery, then in PT for neck problems. Great results when used the proper way. Excellent general exercise.

    Much prefer the regular, full size bands to the shorter, travel size.

    Love it for what I can do

    by -

    This might be too long for my living room, but it works really well when I get a good angle to get the distance that I need. I also combine it with the "first place superband" for some pull-downs. It seems to hold really well without causing any damage at both my patio door and interior bathroom door. The handles work and feel a lot better than I thought they would, too.

    Average performance for a synthetic rubber

    by -

    I’ve been using these Perform Better elastic bands for many years. They are very durable and with some imagination and ingenuity can be used many ways to activate muscles and tone up.
    My only complaint is the latest versions are not made of pure rubber compounds like the originals and they tend to be stiffer and their elastic range is generally shorter vs the original product made in Sri Lanka.

    The best resistance bands I've ever bought.

    by -

    Lot of junk out there on the market. This is a great product and deserves a great review. Durable and well designed with the anchor point. Its essentially two resistance bands in one. Great for more functional type training to supplement with athletes or fitness clients.

    Who needs a cable machine? NOT ME!

    by -

    I love these bands - I have the pink ones and the orange ones. I am using these at home to replace exercises like Inclined presses and Rows. If you are using these at home, make sure you have enough space to stretch them all the way out! They are lightweight, strong, and I can attach them to the door jamb.

    The ones to get

    by -

    Your brand of exercise bands were recommended specifically by my physical therapist. I have been using them for a month now and I can see why. They work. Your company handled my order professionally and promptly and when I order again it will be with you. Thank you, Jim

    super excited

    by -

    I was skeptical when I first opened the package...I didn't understand how to use this band. Once I figured it out, I fell in love with the possibilities :)


    by -

    Works great for functional movements. I’ve purchased some on Amazon however they broke on me. These are durable and will last a long time with a nice handle bar. I’ve referred most my clients to this site to purchase a level 4 & 9.

    Wonderful replacements for universal gym exercises during the Covid-19 shutdown.

    by -

    I have these bands in yellow, blue, and black (levels 7, 9, and 10). Due to Covid-19, I'm shut out of my gym indefinitely and these bands have allowed me to continue with almost all of the upper body and core strength training I used to do at the gym. For flexibility I've gotten lower level bands and hoses, for lower body I'm doing mostly weight bearing exercises, and for aerobics I've gotten a decent but not great home spin bike.

    Good Gym Replacement

    by -

    Due to Corona virus quit the gym & these bands provide my workout very well.

    Wouldn’t recommend

    by -

    Way too long to be useful for in-home usage. There’s nowhere to hang them for rowing / pulling exercises and no way to tighten them according to length preferences. Definitely not worth the price

    A terrific product

    by -

    When working out at home, attaching bands to a door knob or refrigerator door can be dangerous and iffy at best. These bands can be affixed securely and safely by securing them when closing and locking the front door. Plus the bands themselves are long and can be used for so many more exercises than the single band. This is a great product and I would recommend it to anyone exercising in their home.

    Great products

    by -

    I love these heavy tubes. Just perfact for most of my exercises and still leaves extra resistance to work toward.

    Product is Great but Shipper is Unsatisfactory

    by -

    I used this product with my physical therapist and decided to buy one for home use. It is an excellent, versatile product that I am able to use easily at home. I gave only 4 stars out of 5 because the shipping service was unsatisfactory. I eventually received my delivery but it was not an easy experience.

    Versatility and strength

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    I've been using this with my trainer for quite awhile now so I decided to add one for my own arsenal of home equipment. Great quality, not flimsy like so many store bought pieces and so very versatile for a wide variety of exercises!

    Great tool for the job !!!

    by -

    I been a personal trainer for 20 years, this is my main tool for exercising myself and my clients. Got this bands 10 years ago and still in great shape and still doing the job. Will recommend this product to anyone, they are AWESOME !!!! The best of all is that they all fit in my small backpack, I walk to park to train my clients !! :)