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What is the Cycle 360 Trainer?

The Cycle 360 trainer is a style of cycling that has never been seen before. It features a vertical stance with no seat to promote good posture through a neutral spine and pelvic stability. This upright ergometer is beneficial for all ages and activates more muscles than any other cycling machine. The vertical design simulates a running technique that allows for a very high intensity workout with less strain and impact on the joints. The cycle includes a multi-gear magnetic resistance system which makes it easy to increase or decrease the workout intensity. Working out on this machine creates a total body burn by moving the joints through their full, natural range of motion. The Cycle 360 Trainer can be used as your own personal cardio and strength training workout at home or usually in a group style High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) classes. The Cycle 360 Trainer does a great job of keeping your heart rate up while doing resistance training exercises; both paired together is a great way to keep your heart healthy and build lean muscle.

Why it works?

The upright cycle keeps your back and pelvis neutral, your core stabilized, and your glutes and hamstrings engaged. This also activates the pelvic muscles which is an important area to strengthen for efficient and balanced movement patterns in the upper and lower extremities. This cycle is extremely unique because of its stability bars on both sides for support, vertical handlebars in front to change positions for upper body movements, pushup/dip bar attachment, and resistance band hooks for a large variety of upper and lower body exercises. This workout is very effective for sports performance because of the sport specific, standing balance position you must hold. It also offers physical rehabilitation through its posture and gate correcting movement pattern. This workout will focus on and increasing cardiovascular fitness and muscle toning by burning many more calories and fat than a normal seated cycling machine. All workouts require full body engagement to achieve maximum muscle activation.

Key features:

  • Standing, stationary bike simulates running techniques with minimal joint impact and strain.
  • Vertical handlebars as well as cross bars provide stability in every position.
  • Magnetic brake assembly makes for quick and easy resistance transitions.
  • Monitor is adjustable and easy to read.
  • Monitor reads RMPs, watts, heart rate, time, resistance level and distance.

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New and Innovative Exercise Equipment


I work with the Wellness Team at a YMCA in the Greater Philadelphia YMCA Association. When I was looking for a new exercise mode to provide variety to our Wellness offering, I was fortunate to be introduced to the creator/developer of the Cycle360 Trainer. What an exciting new product. It truly is revolutionary. We initially had one Cycle360 Trainer on our floor as a demo. It took off from there. The Cycle360 Trainer provides a unique exercise experience to our members and personal training/coaching staff. It is very sturdy and well manufactured. Delivery and installation service was outstanding. But most importantly, what a workout it provides. And it allows for endless opportunities for programming/tailoring exercise routines to members needs and goals. I know you will not be disappointed if you invest in this product.

You will be absolutely surprised by this work out

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A while back I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and opted for surgery. After recovery I needed to start working out again and get back into the mix. I was an avid bike rider and enjoyed short and long-distance riding. Surgery prevented me from getting back on a bike seat for a longer period than expected. The solution for me was the Cycle 360 trainer. I started working out on one of these bikes at my trainers and instantly fell in love with it. I bought one and was completely surprised by how fast it got me back in shape. Not only did the Cycle 360 replace my bike but it ended up giving me a fantastic work out for hiking, climbing and road riding. I ended up replacing my stationary bike with the Cycle 360 during winter training and all year long when the weather does not permit a good outside ride. If I could only have one piece of equipment to train on it would be the Cycle 360.

All around fantastic trainer

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I have been a pretty serious road rider for many years. In the winter months I took to a cycle ops indoor trainer. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and elected to go the surgery route. The recovery was fast, but I ran into a problem with a bike seat. I tried every different type of seat and still had issues with pain and numbness. I tried the cycle 360 trainer at my personal trainers’ location and fell in love with it. I joined in on classes and soon discovered the Cycle 360 trainer was a fantastic replacement for my stationary bike and a much better all-around trainer. I bought one a several months ago and train on it three to four days a week. To date I have over 7,000 kilometers on it with not one issue both on the bike or myself. This trainer is a rock star, the standing position is great on my back and my seat. My Cycle ops sits right aside of my 360 trainer and I have not been on it more than twice since the day I bought the Cycle 360 trainer.