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Corrective Exercises and Movement Prep DVD/CD-ROM

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$39.95 $59.95


Corrective Exercises Movement Prep DVD/CD-ROM

Designed to improve an individual's movement patterns through easy to use home exercises using the Gray Cook Band.

  • Provides corrective exercises and movements preparatory activities that personal trainers, strength and conditioning specialists and physical therapists can prescribe to their athletes or clients for individual workouts.
  • Includes a DVD and a CD-ROM.
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    This Band Works!


    Gray Cook gives three different categories to using the Cook Band for all the movement patterns he uses in training. The categories are Assited exercises, RNT (Reactive Neuromuscular Training and Resisted exercises. A hand ful of exerces for the squat, Lunge, deadlift, etc. The second disc gives PDF forms with explanation to the exercises. I love how Gray teaches his coaching cues for his patients/client. I can use this tool immediately to my clients.