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Acumobility Balls (Pair)

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  • Acumobility Balls helps you to easily target any trigger point or knot on the body.  
  • The Acumobility ball can be used for strength, stability and balance exercises.  For beginners use the ball in a neutral position.  Then advance the stability challenge by turning the balls over to create an unstable surface. 
  • Put two balls together to create a vice that compresses the muscle from both sides at once.
  • Enhance Myofascial tensioning by squeezing the Acumobility ball to encourage core activation and improve shoulder packing.
  • Target the spinal muscles with ease as the Acumobility balls are perfectly sized to fit the spine between them when the balls are placed together.
  • Use the Acumobility ball on the bottom of the foot to work on a tight plantar fascia.
  • Easily target tight muscles at the base of the head and neck.
  • Use the Acumobility ball at your desk to mobilize tight muscles in your arm.
  • The flat base allows you to use it against a wall if you can’t get on the floor, or if you just want to get at muscles from a different angle.
  • The unique grip design allows you to use the ball as a handheld self massage tool. 
  • As a practitioner the ball can be used to assist your muscle work while in treatment.
  • Easily take your mobility and stability workouts on the road with its compact design.
  • The material is a food grade safe blend of silicone- which is incredibly durable, puncture resistant, and kid and animal safe. The tackiness of the ball allows it to grip the surface to prevent sliding.



  • We have two versions of the ball:  LEVEL 1 (orange) and LEVEL 2 (blue)
  • The LEVEL 1 Ball is made from a 15 durometer silicone material that is used for moderate pressure and best for stability exercises.  It is comfortable enough for anyone to use, but still provides deep pressure release. 
  • The LEVEL 2 Ball is a 35 durometer silicone ball that is significantly firmer than the LEVEL 1 Ball, and is meant for Intense trigger point release.
  • We suggest you begin with the LEVEL 1 Ball and advance to the LEVEL 2 Ball when ready.



  • Improved muscle elasticity and length
  • Increased range of motion and flexibility
  • Trigger point and myofascial release
  • Improved athletic performance
  • Increased proprioception 

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These work wonders. A must have!