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2024 Business Secrets for Gym Owners- Fall 2024

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Are you a gym owner that works really hard …but is still frustrated with the amount of take-home salary your business generates for you and your family?

Have you considered if this gym owner thing is even a viable decision for long-term financial success and security?

Are you uncertain about how your gym will perform financially with tough economic times approaching?

Give fitness business coach Vince Gabriele 2 days…and you’ll learn the secrets of running a financially successful gym.

So you can start to enjoy the freedom and financial security your business has the opportunity to give you…we’re going to get this done even if you’re burned out from the grind or you’re totally clueless about what your next move should be.

Who This Workshop is For:

● Gym Owners who want to get their business running like a well-oiled machine…but can’t seem to make this happen without being there all day long.
● Independent Personal trainers who aspire to own a gym someday but aren’t making the amount of money they want to make this a reality…despite continuing to work hard and feeling like they’re doing the right things.
● Personal Trainers that want to get more clients and make more money.

Here’s a small fraction of what we’re going to cover:

1. Pricing Power in the New Economy: How to become the highest-priced gym in your area and have a waiting list of people willing and able to pay those prices.
2. Digital Marketing in the AI enhanced world: How to build a website that delivers a steady stream of qualified leads, create Facebook ads that people like getting, and how to get Google to be a huge fan of your business.
3. Time Management for Gym Owners: How to work fewer hours but make a LOT more money through the power of high-value work.
4. Hiring Trainers in the New Employment Era:
5. Sales Mastery for Gym Owners: How to build a sales machine at your gym that works while you sleep.
6. What’s Next: How to get clarity on what the next step is for your business. Whether it's a bigger gym, a second location, or building a franchise…you’ll get the formula to know what’s next.
7. Small Group Personal Training Mastery: How to install and grow the most profitable form of training in the history of the fitness industry.

Learn more about Vince Gabriele at www.vincegabriele.com

Daily Schedule:

Friday October 18th:

-Focus of the Day: How To Structure Your Business and Time for Maximum Profits

-Presenters: Vince Gabriele and Devin Gage

-Topics Presented:

● Exactly what activities Gym Owners Should be doing all day to maximize profit…and what they stop doing
● Time Management for Gym Owners
● Pricing for Maximum Profits and Knowing Your Numbers
● Dominating Small Group Personal Training

Saturday October 19th:

-Focus of the Day: How to Build a Sales and Marketing Money Machine that Never Stops
-Presenters: Vince Gabriele and Will Matthiessen (Vince’s Secret Marketing Weapon)
-Topics Covered:
● How to Build a Marketing Calendar that Works for 12 months
● Digital Marketing in the New Economy (Facebook, Google, and your Website)
● How to Build a Referral Machine
● Joint Ventures, Social Media and Email Marketing

About Vince Gabriele:

Get a Free Copy of Vince’s Marketing Book at www.vincesfreebook.com

Hey, my name’s Vince Gabriele and my story in the fitness industry is a long one (20+ years)…so here’s the short version.

It started in 2001 after I realized I was never going to play in the NFL. I was an average offensive lineman at Temple University majoring in business. After an injury-plagued career and with a strong love for the weight room, I turned everything I had into a career in Personal training. My family thought I was crazy but I knew what I was doing.

I got an internship at a gym called Fitness Quest 10 in San Diego. I worked my way up from being an intern to becoming a sought-after trainer in San Diego by NFL Athletes. I founded their football and NFL combine prep programs and while this was cool…I always had the dream of opening my own gym.

I moved back to my home state of New Jersey with my wonderful wife, Vanessa, a Cali girl who was also in the fitness industry. Together we started our first training business in NJ, Gabriele Fitness & Performance, in 2007.

Before we opened our first location, I trained people in my mom’s basement, rented space in a local gym, trained athletes on 5 different local fields, and used various gyms in the local schools to get my business started.

After a year of this craziness we signed a lease for our first facility.

We built a gym that was completely different from our competition—no other facility was like ours and that’s what created our success. Together, Vanessa and I ran GFP and helped 1000s of people in our community change their lives, lose weight, and live a more active life.

I was just doing my thing as a gym owner trying to make a great life for my family. We reached 7 figures in revenue very quickly and I structured the business so that I was able to never miss a bedtime for any of my 3 kids. I started getting phone calls from other gym owners asking me how I was having so much success. So I started to help them grow their business and my gym became the blueprint for countless gym owners…with many of them respectfully copying everything I was doing.

A few months after this…my dad had a stroke—a really bad one—and I had to be out of my gym for over two months to be there for my mom and sisters.

My gym continued to grow and have success…even when I wasn’t there.

That was my sign that I needed to move into teaching gym owners how to have a successful business that not only makes money…but still grows while they’re not there.

In the waiting room of NYU-Langone hospital I wrote my first book about how to do it…8 more have followed.

Today my days are filled with helping gym owners build a more successful business.

Here are a few of the hats I wear…

Business Coach
● Business coach to over 100 gyms all over the world with 19 of them doing 7 figures
● Creator of the 6 Week New Client Surge Program
● Host of the second-ranked fitness business podcast in the world
● Founder of the SPF and SPF-CEO Masterminds

Paid Speaker
● Perform Better: 5 years and counting on the prestigious PB Circuit
● Mindbody Bold (won award for highest-rated talk)
● IDEA World Club and Studio Summit: Featured speaker
● Countless Local seminars and workshops while building my gym
● Graduate of Thom Plummer’s Speaker School

Published Author
Fitness Business Books
● Ultimate Guide to Marketing Your Gym
● Ultimate Guide to Sales
● Big Book of Marketing
● 4 Stages of Fitness Business Success
● 364 Hiring Manual
● Ultimate Success Mindset
● Unshakeable Gym
● 41 Business and Life Success Principles
● Featured Author in Be Like the Best by Anthony Renna
● Featured in Ari Weinzweig’s Book, The Power of Beliefs in Business

Books Produced by Vince for Gabriele Fitness
● Annihilate the Fear, Transform Your Life By Vince and Cathy Balsamo
● The GFP Recipe Book: 37 Recipes for Success
● The Grit Athlete Pyramid Manual

Gym Owner
● Founder of Gabriele Fitness, the most ripped-off and respected gym in the fitness industry
● 2007-present..runs without any owner involvement


● Co-Founder of KISS Marketing, the go-to digital marketing agency for America's Top Gym Owners (kissmarketing.net)

● Founder of Grit Athlete Performance, a sports performance licensed program

● Graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program

Best Ways to Track Vince Down:

Instagram: @vgabriele71
Podcast: The Fitness Business University Podcast
YouTube: youtube.com/@vincegabriele1795

Get a Free Copy of Vince’s Marketing Book at www.vincesfreebook.com.


Early Bird Registration Price: $295(Register 6 weeks prior)
Pre-Registration Price: $379

Friday October 18, 2024
*Registration and Check-in Begins at 8:00 AM.*

Saturday October 19, 2024

Perform Better
1600 Division Road
West Warwick, RI 02893
(401) 499-6762

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