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2023 Three Day Functional Training Summit in Providence RI

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Thursday, August 24, 2023 
Optional Check-In and Registration 
1:00 PM - 4:00PM 

Friday, August 25, 2023 
8:00 AM - 6:30PM 

Saturday, August 26, 2023 
8:00 AM - 5:30PM 

Sunday, August 27, 2023 
8:00 AM - 12:15PM



Rhode Island Convention Center 
1 Sabin Street 
Providence, RI 02903 

Room: Grand Ballroom A 


Omni Hotel  
1 West Exchange Street 
Providence, RI 02903 
(401) 598-8000 

*$195 Single/Double Discounted Rate. Please mention "M-F Athletic" when reserving your room or book through the link attached to the hotel name above. Must reserve by August 4, 2023 
*Room blocks are limited availability. No guarantees. Hotel may become SOLD OUT at any time.  


Early Bird Special - $289 (prior to July 28, 2023) 

Pre-Registration Special - $359 (prior to August 25, 2023) 

Registration at the door - $389

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• Internationally recognized expert in strength and conditioning
• Former Strength and Conditioning Consultant and Coach for the Boston Red Sox and the US Gold Medal Olympic Teams in Women's Soccer and Women's Hockey
• Currently owns and operates Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
Finding, Hiring and Training Trainers – The Never Ending Problem in the Fitness World
Nothing seems harder than staffing. At Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning we get lots of compliments on our staff. Want to know why? In this lecture Mike will show you what MBSC looks for in a staff member and how you can apply the same or similar concepts to your staffing process. 

In the Hands-On, Mike will focus on "The First Fifteen" minutes of the training session. This hands on will focus on the tissue prep, mobility and warm-up that should make up the first 15 minutes of a quality training session.



• Founder of Functional Movement Screen
• Author of Athletic Body in Balance and Movement
• Pushes professionals and enthusiasts to creatively re-think movement behavior
Stacking Your Vital Information: A Movement Point of View
Working in movement provides us teaching moments we don’t get paid for. We get paid for coaching, rehab and training, but those who also take time to educate have better results and relationships. 

  The foundation of Functional Movement Systems is built on using movement patterns to identify dysfunction and then shifting the focus from the visible dysfunction to its root cause. While this approach remains cutting edge to some, it continues to take FMS further into new ways to look at managing movement problems with better teaching moments. 

  The first steps in fixing movement shouldn’t look like exercise. Exercises are the easy part. The first steps should look like awareness and responsibility. If you’re trying to improve your movement career or getting paid to develop movement for others, you’ll quickly realize that to do your best, you need to look deeper than today’s workout session. Gray’s talk will discuss the concept of holistic health domains from a movement point of view. Before you program the first exercise, what do you know about their Movement Health, Behavioral Health, Injury History, Breathing Quality, Physical Activity, Body Composition, Sleep Quality and Nutritional Awareness? Ask a few questions, screen a few movements and what you’ll learn may help you immensely. In this session, Gray will guide you on how to gather information and determine your responsibilities and lay down some non-negotiable rules for better health and movement.



• Owner of Results Fitness, a complete fitness programming and consulting service
• Founder of ResultsFitnessUniversity.com
• One of the Country’s most sought-after fitness professionals
Get More Clients: The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business
Most fitness pros know that the fastest way to grow your business is by getting more clients. But not being marketing experts tend to rely solely on word of mouth.  Word of mouth just isn't enough in today's economy. You need a marketing system.  Alwyn will cover marketing strategies that they use at Results Fitness to continually attract new members, that don't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money and will work for new coaches and established facilities alike.  In his hands on session he will focus on training the beginner and what to do in a new clients first session.




• Co-owns and operates Results Fitness, named one of the top ten gyms in the US by Men’s Health
• 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year
• Consultant for Nike, Livestrong.com, and Women’s Health
Coaching Women Over 40 to Age Strong

Rachel will be sharing her secrets to successfully coach women over 40. After this presentation you'll understand this demographic better, be able to design them a results guaranteed program, communicate and coach them effectively and even learn to market to attract more of them to your business!




• President and Co-Founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities in MA and FL
• Director of Player Health and Performance, New York Yankees
• Writer, presenter, consultant and podcast host
Non-Negotiable High Performance Principles
It's easy to get bogged down in debate over controversial training practices, but far more productive to spend time focusing on tried and true principles that should not only help to find common ground, but more importantly, make our training safe and effective for clients and athletes of all ages and ability levels. In this presentation, Eric highlights some key considerations that apply across all populations.



• Founder of Fitness Quest 10 (San Diego, CA)
• Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour
• Named one of the top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
Be Legendary – 7 Principles to Create a Legendary Business, Career And Life
If there was ever a time the world needed more great coaches, trainers, life-transformers, and impact-makers, it’s NOW. In a world filled with too much darkness, negativity, & ill-health, there is so much opportunity right now for the best coaches, businesses, and people ready to change the world. But it’s going to require YOU to be at your best. In this “legendary” talk, Todd shares his 7-principles to “CREATE & BE LEGENDARY” in all aspects of your career, business, and life. This includes… 

·      5-specific ways to create a legendary business. 
·      4-things you MUST do to help clients, members, and athletes create and live their best lives. 
·      3-hacks so you’re NOT mired-down in an abyss of negativity, pessimism, or worldly-events and that will allow you to operate in a world where you can flourish. 
·      2-“legendary” exercises that will allow you to meet your “legendary self” and immediately begin to shift your energy, mindset, and action-steps to manifest what will be legacy. 
·      1-thing you must do NOW to step-up into your best-self personally and professionally. 

This is a can’t miss session designed to help you be LEGENDARY.



• Director of Movement and Return to Performance for the Houston Texans
• Owner / Founder of Structure and Function Education
• Associate Professor, Athletic Training Programs, A.T. Still University
• Author, Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance
Returning to Athletic Performance: The Road to Recovery
The thought of returning an injured athlete to full sport participation following a lower extremity injury can be daunting.  How do you periodize the Return to Play process? How do you organize the day? How to you methodically progress the program?  Come to Sue’s session to find out all of this and more!



• Assistant Professor of Exercise Science at Springfield College
• Co-Owner of TF Performance
• Former NFL and Division I Strength Coach and Nutrition Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, Eastern Michigan University, University of Louisville, and The Citadel
Think, Feel, Do: Unlocking Client and Coach Success with Sport and Exercise Psychology
Sure. You might push, pull, squat, hinge, and carry but what about the movements behind the movements? Do you look to help your clients improve their mental strength as well as their physical strength? In this session, join Dr. Adam Feit in a wildly interactive discussion on the integration of key performance psychology principles and tactics to help improve motivation, maximize goal setting, increase resilience, eliminate self-limiting beliefs, and improve confidence.



• Former Collegiate (University of Iowa, University of Louisville) and Private Sector (MBSC, RYPT) Sports Performance Coach
• Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning at Springfield College
• Ph.D. in Teaching and Administration with a research focus on Coach Education
Progressions, Regressions, and Manipulations: How to Maximize Your Client’s Ability to Perform Exercises with Proper Technique
Proper movement mechanics are crucial for the advanced training of clients.  However, not all clients can move properly when they start training with us.  The inability to move functionally is often due to limitations in mobility and stability.  However, sometimes the teaching of movements is missed or simplified and the movement pattern can be improved through the manipulation of the exercise.  During this presentation, Dr. Mary Kate Feit will use her experience in both collegiate and private sector strength and conditioning along with her doctoral degree in teaching to discuss the ways in which exercises can be altered and progressed over time to meet the movement ability of each client and to continually challenge the client as their movement ability increases . 



• CEO at Vince Gabriele Media
• Author of 9 Fitness Business Books including The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Gym And The Ultimate Guide to Sales For Your Gym
• Founder of New Jersey Based Personal Training Gym, Gabriele Fitness and Performance
5 Ways To Get More Small Group Personal Training Clients in 2023
If you want to get more clients and make more money from your fitness business in 2023...skipping this lecture is unforgivable. Vince will go over 5 ways to help gym owners and trainers get more small group/semi-private and 1-1 personal training clients so you can grow the profits of your business and enjoy more freedom in your life. (Lecture Only)



• Co-Founder and Woman-in-Charge at Girls Gone Strong 
• Creator of the GGS Academy, the world’s first online Academy offering comprehensive, evidence-based, interdisciplinary women-specific coaching certifications
• National speaker on women's strength training and empowerment 
How to Coach Women Better
67-75% of people who hire a coach or trainer are women, yet most certifications and courses don't cover critical women-specific coaching and training education. In this presentation, you'll walk away with specific, actionable strategies to better understand, connect with, and serve the women you coach. 



• 2-Time Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional
• Founder of Ali Gilbert Coaching specializing in men’s health + hormone optimization 
• Founder of the Silverback Summit, the industry’s premier educational event for Mens Health
• Creator of Testosterone School, the only online educational course about hormone, fitness + nutrition optimization for men 
• Featured in Muscle & Fitness, T- Nation, as well as various other publications and podcasts on the topic of testosterone, fitness and nutrition 
The Men’s Health Crisis: Building Resilient Men in a Testosterone Declining Environment
There has been a significant decline in men's testosterone for the past 40 years. Attributed to environmental and lifestyle factors, it is inevitable a man will be confronted with the  decision to explore Testosterone Replacement Therapy. What can he do to prepare for this, if anything? How can he train? How does he eat? Ali will go over her exact approach to creating resilient men, fully informed about the world of TRT, and how you can have the same conversations with your clients surrounding this misunderstood topic.



• Senior Network Administrator, Fitness & Sports Performance, St. Luke's University Health Network, Pennsylvania & New Jersey
• Lectures regionally, nationally and internationally in the fields of sports performance, medical fitness & health fitness
• Chapter author for several books on athletic performance, fitness & chronic disease & disability management
Programming For Amazing Outcomes
Energize your clients with programs and outcomes that surpass their hopes and aspirations with evidence-based strategies. Uncover evaluation protocols and programming systems to support a diverse fitness, tactical & athletic population while maintaining a tailored approach. This lecture and hands-on session will provide resources and techniques to enable fitness, tactical and athletic clientele to propel their fitness and sports performance potential. Attendees will leave the hands-on session with proven methods for training their clients.  



• CEO, Ultimate Sandbag Training and Creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System
• Has been teaching continuing education programs for over 15 years in 13 countries, including kettlebells in Russia
• Consulted and created programs for all populations from US Marines, to Division 1 programs, to hospital wellness programs
Is Power Training Good For Your Clients?
Power training has become a hot topic in the current training landscape. It seems everyone is using power exercises in their clients' workout, but should they? Are we asking the right questions when it comes to proper use of power training? Should power training look the same for your clients? What is the right way to introduce power training and how should you progress power exercises in your workouts? In this session Josh will answer these questions and provide a unique perspective of who should be using power, the better power exercises to teach, and how to program power training so your clients can reap the benefits.



• Recognized as one of the United Kingdom’s leading strength and conditioning coaches and worldwide authority on speed and agility development
• Author of eight books including Gamespeed, Effective Coaching in Strength & Conditioning and The Warm-Up
• Former Vice President of the NSCA and was on the Board of Directors of the UKSCA and the NSCA
Decoding What Makes The Real Difference – Thinking Differently About How to be Our Best
Whenever we think of ways of improving our practice our focus tends to centre around what we do – what methods of training we deploy, what exercises we use, what loads, what progressions, what velocities etc. Whilst these will always be important, something we often overlook is that it’s not just what we do – but how we do it that counts. The coach will always be integral to the success of any training intervention – yet far less is understood about what makes a great coach. Is there a single code to greatness and if so, how should we integrate this into our own practice?  This presentation will examine coaching from a systems perspective, opening up new perspectives on what makes a great coach and subsequently highlighting many potential development opportunities via which we can improve our own coaching practice.  



• Over 20 years of experience in the field of human performance working with Olympians, professional and Division I athletes, and the U.S. Military
• Helped create Athletes’ Performance (EXOS) with Mark Verstegen
• Currently supporting a high-level Department of Defense effort to define the future soldier performance
Sleep: The True Fix-All of Health & Human Performance
Sleep has become a “hot topic” over the last 10 years, but is it really as powerful as we think? Are naps bad? Does alcohol help you sleep? Is it okay to sleep in? What about sleep apps and wearables? This lecture will provide details about sleep, its impact on health and performance, sleep mythology, and answer many more questions regarding this essential element to performance, life, and well-being. During the hands on, we will learn strategies to down-regulate the nervous system to allow for a better night’s rest.



• Founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training
• Owner of Alloy Personal Training, conducting over 60,000 personal training sessions a year
• Licensed his business and training systems to over 2,000 clubs worldwide and has now moved to a full franchise model
31 Ways to Ruin Your Fitness Business
I recently celebrated my 31st year in the fitness business! From one location in 1992 to licensing over 2500 clubs worldwide to now over 100 franchised locations. It's been a long and amazing journey. I'll share my biggest lessons through stories and the ultimate "don't do" list. Hint: do the opposite! (Lecture Only)



• Owner of STRONGER, Worcester MA
• Co-Founder of the Secret Training Society
• Partner at dotFIT and Consultant for numerous fitness brands
10 Simple Ways to Increase Revenue Starting Tomorrow

Join Frank as he takes you on a journey through his countless experience over the last 23 years.  Learn 10 simple ways that any fitness industry participant can use to increase their profits right away while delivering top notch service and results.  Great for owners managers and trainers. (Lecture Only) 

Exploring Specific Movement Considerations
Join Frank as he takes you on a journey through his countless experiences over the last 23 years. Learn by doing- ways to take your already amazing workout building skills and merge them with the entertainment business. Tap into your members 5 senses - Creating an unforgettable experience while delivering results. (Hands-On Only)



• Founder and CEO of the Parisi Speed Schools, with over 110 Licensed locations Worldwide 
• Author of Fascia Training: A Whole System Approach, 2019, Anatomy of Speed, Human Kinetics 2021, Fascia Training in Athletic Performance, Handspring 2023
• Recognized as one of the most successful personal training entrepreneurs in the world. Started out of a $500 dollar van in 1992.  The Parisi Speed Schools has trained more than 1,000,000 Youth and High School athletes, including more than 1,000 NFL draft picks and Division I College Athletes
Fascia Training in Athletic Performance -  Principles and Application
Fascia Training in Athletic Performance will provide Trainers and Coaches of all skill levels with the latest research-based strategies for optimizing athletic performance using fascia-aware training techniques that are proven to improve speed, power, agility, and injury resilience.  You will leave this presentation with three take-aways: 
1. Understanding the important role tendons, ligaments, and fascia tissues play in speed and injury resilience.  
2. Learning how to apply the latest fascia research science to optimize speed and power training.  
3. Evaluating an athlete’s training needs based on their unique relationship to force and velocity.



• Founder of Training for Warriors, with over 200 affiliate locations in 20 countries
• Certified over 4,000 trainers worldwide in the Training for Warriors Certification
• Best Selling Author of Coach to Coach, High Ten, Warrior Cardio, and Training for Warriors
• Consultant to numerous Professional Sport Teams, Division I Universities, Fortune 500 companies and Military Organizations
Coaching Magic – 7 Tricks to Bring Out the Best in Others
Would you like to be better able to inspire your people and build a stronger culture and community?  Do you need to reignite your own “fire” for fitness?  During this presentation, world-renown coach Martin Rooney will share the “magic” coaching tools he has used with thousands of athletes and clients to help you get the best out of both your people and yourself.  If you want others to have more confidence in your ability to produce consistent results, let Martin show you the “secret” strategies to take your coaching game to the next level.



• Engineer and Doctor of Chiropractic
• Co-Founder of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), OnBase University and RacquetFit
• Co-Owner of Functional Movement Systems
Training Mobility in Rotary Athletes
Mobility restrictions are one of the most frustrating things for most fitness professionals to deal with on rotary athletes. In this session Dr. Rose will cover where rotary athletes need mobility, what are the true causes of limited mobility and how to unlock their mobility in the gym. This program can be used for the recreational golfer to the elite level athlete.



• CEO of Dino Brands, LLC
• One of the most sought after coaches in the world, with a high-profile clientele roster ranging from professional athletes to celebrities and business moguls
• Men’s Health Advisory Board member as well as launched multiple digital platforms and is the founding partner in half a dozen brands
Branded: Creating Products That Sell
In January of 2023 Don Saladino launched a brand-new catalog of programs. To bring these new programs to market he needed to implement a system to create 25 programs, market them, and then convert his audience to buyers. Saladino’s immersive presentation will be your blueprint to success. Come learn how he creates his programs and the software he uses to sell & distribute them. You will receive a behind-the-scenes look at his marketing sales sequences and his lead generator systems. You will learn his strategies to convert an audience to buyers and selling within a niche.  Most importantly, you will leave with clarity on what you can bring to the marketplace & how you can serve your audience while making a profit.  We all rise together!



• Lectures domestically and internationally in the fields of Biomechanics, Training Design, Motor Learning, and Speed and Power Development
• Coached national champions, world champions and Olympic medalists in Track and Field, and possesses 12 years of experience in NFL player development
• Consults regularly with programs of all sports and levels in the areas of Training and Program design
• 35 years of coaching experience at the high school, collegiate and professional level
The Importance of Speed Training for Non-Speed People
We commonly think of speed training as a way to get faster, but speed training does much more. Speed training can improve the effectiveness of other types of training and also serves as a valuable exercise for athletes who never run a step in their sport. In this talk we’ll examine how speed training can be used in any program and how to adapt it to a wide variety of sports and needs.



• Founder and Owner of 212 Health and Performance
• One of the creators of Power Up Recovery
• Best selling author and Speed & Conditioning Director for the State of Rhode Island
The Kettlebell Mechanic
As a coach you’ve probably learned that the kettlebell is a tool you should have in your arsenal.  By now, you may have even implemented it into your programs and used it with 100 clients. Hopefully, everything has gone smoothly so far.  But, what do you do when you start to have trouble with client number 101?  Do you just stop using the kettlebell altogether, or can you fix the problem?  In this hands-on session, you will learn to think outside the box and become armed with cues, shortcuts and strategies to put in your tool box that will help you repair any technical breakdown that happens when using a kettlebell.  (Hands-On Only)



• Founder of Twist Performance & Wellness
• NHL and Olympic sports performance coach
• Author/contributor to over 500 papers, 20 books and manuals, 44 DVD
• 2013 IDEA World Fitness Inspiration Award
• 2015 Inductee to the USA Fitness Hall of Fame
10 Mechanical Load Management Strategies Optimizing the 8 Functions of Muscle
If I could only teach coaches and athletes one principle, it would be Load Management (LM). In your amazing body muscles play 8 roles for the physicality required of whole body dynamic action. Training all 8 functions helps build the most robust and skilled musculature while injury proofing clients. Discover also 10 biomechanical strategies that help you safely manage the most load and resistance in particular during full body 3D lifts.  Learn 100% actionable methods, mechanics and principles you can begin to deploy in the trenches Monday after the Summit. 

    LM is sometimes a volume consideration term. In this lecture and workshop LM refers to our ability to manage a load vertically down into the body, a line of pull horizontally across the body and also ground-up to handle our body mass (and weight we lift) into the ground. Deploying 10 mechanical LM strategies can make strength training kinder with much less orthopedic cost while being harder on the muscles, brain, and fascia where we want to stimulate max adaptations. This accelerates growth now and keeps you healthy and strong for the lifespan.



• Owner, Active & Agile…Maximizing Mobility Through the Ages
• Over 45 years in the movement profession across disciplines, organizations and generations; in the trenches trainer-teacher-coach, and soup-to-nuts educator-innovator
• Conducts workshops, in-services, CEC courses, and seminars on active aging nationally and abroad
The Aging Accelerants: Counter to Buffer (at 35, not 45)
No, it’s never too late, but earlier is better when it comes to slowing ‘the pace’ at which we age.  With a glut of hacks and quick fixes to age younger, the self-help obsession has nit-picked, band-aid solutions for Big Rock challenges.  Chronic disease brews for decades, smoldering in the 4 I's, what I coin the Aging Accelerants.  Whether our clients are on the FRONT end of primary prevention, the BACK end of known disease and referrals, or anywhere in between, we are tasked to restore an environment ripe for repair and regeneration. Join Pat in a ‘tried and true’ 5-7-3 approach to bolstering Hardiness, the resilience, durability and robustness to buffer father time, extend health-brain-play-spans, and add purpose, meaning and relevance to ‘living life.’  That’s real R.E.H.A.B.  The Hands-on will address each Training Bucket, how it extends our freedom to go and do, while delaying and dodging mobility disability, dependence and diminishing movember spheres.



• Internationally recognized expert in strength and conditioning, sports medicine, high performance and recovery
• Director of Sports Performance for the Allegheny Health Network (Pittsburgh, PA)
• Former Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Texas Rangers, Pittsburgh Pirates and Team USA Gold Medal winner for the 2017 World Baseball Classic
Strength Training For Knee Integrity:  Reducing the Risk of Ligament and Tendon Related Knee Injuries in Field and Court Sport Athletes
This presentation will discuss and review a kinetic chain and movement assessment that is used to identify potential “red flags” (muscular imbalances, areas of muscular weakness, areas of tightness or laxity) for ligament/tendon knee injuries in field and court sport athletes.  Frank will discuss “corrective” stretches and exercises that will be prescribed into a strength training and conditioning program to be used throughout a championship season.  Pre-season, in-season, and post-season programs will be discussed.  The plan will help reduce the risk of injury and enhance performance in court and field sport athletes.



• World Renowned Physical Therapist and Performance Coach
• Director of Physical Performance, Men's Canadian National Basketball Team
• Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA
All That Is Breathing
The popularization of breathing over the last many years has been well documented and highly warranted.  While the training and rehab world mainly identifies with breathing as it relates to the function of the core, breathing has many other uses in human performance.  Uses for influencing the nervous system, getting ramped up for performance, and zeroing in on recovery will all be discussed.



• Head of Athletic Performance & Science at the Irish Rugby Football Union
• Author of The Language of Coaching: The Art & Science of Teaching Movement
• Former Director of Training Systems & Education at EXOS
Zen in the Art of Coaching
The west continues to look eastward for insights on how to live a happier, more fulfilling life.  From mindfulness to the martial arts, eastern philosophy provides us with the guidance on how to live fully in the moment and in balance with the ever changing world around us.  In this presentation Nick will explore the lessons from the eastern traditions that can be directly applied to your life as a coach and as a person on this earth.



Perform Better's Functional Training Summit is designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experience with many of the top professionals in the industry.


The presenters will include many of the most respected names in training, conditioning, and rehabilitation.


Attendees will have a choice of two lectures and two hands-on sessions every 90 minutes. Sign up for each presentation is not required; however, space may be limited for select hands-on sessions. Friday night complimentary social with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.

Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Coaches & anyone interested in learning more about the latest concepts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation.
NSCA - 1.8
NASM - 1.4
ACE - 1.7 
CSCCa - 8.0
A full refund can be issued if cancelled 21 days prior to the event.

Check out the highlights from our past Summits!


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