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2023 Three Day Functional Training Summit in Chicago IL

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Thursday, July 20, 2023
Optional Check-In and Registration
1:00 PM - 4:00PM

Friday, July 21, 2023
8:00 AM - 6:30PM

Saturday, July 22, 2023
8:00 AM - 5:30PM

Sunday, July 23, 2023
8:00 AM - 12:15PM


Donald E. Stephens Convention Center
5555 North River Road
Rosemont, IL 60018

Rooms: North & South Ballroom


Hyatt Regency O’Hare Chicago
9300 Bryn Mawr Avenue
Rosemont, IL 60018
(847) 696-1234

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*Room blocks are limited availability. No guarantees. Hotel may become SOLD OUT at any time. 


Early Bird Special - $289 (prior to June 30, 2023)

Pre-Registration Special - $359 (prior to July 21, 2023)

Registration at the door - $389

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• International Presenter & Founder of FitBiz Mastery
• Founder and Franchisor of Journey 333
• Best Selling Author
Retention, Revenue, and Raving Fans - 3 Ways to Scale Your IMPACT Now!

If you do what everyone’s always done, then you will get what so many have always gotten… and that might mean a struggling fitness business. The struggle is all too common in our industry but it doesn’t have to be that way and it certainly need not be your story. In this session, you will learn 5 uncommon ways to boost your revenue 15-25% within 60-days. You will also learn the 10 key components of retention, which is 90% of current revenue.   When you learn to increase customer retention rates by just 5%, you increase profits by 25%-95%. Travis will also review cutting edge technologies that you can use to deliver even better customer service, create more efficiency, and maximize results. Attend this session and you will grow your profits, grow your business, and maximize your impact.(Lecture Only)

The Perfect Training Experience—7 Components to Dazzle Clients, Create Raving Fans, and Change More Lives 
After conducting more than 10,000 group training sessions, Travis has uncovered that there are 7 key components that need to be amplified if you are to deliver the perfect training session and create an even more powerful training experience and environment. There is more to coaching than coaching. There is more to coaching than program design. Several other components must be considered if you are going to deliver the type of training session & experience that creates massive retention and growth in your business. In this session you will learn how to take advantage of these components to deliver an unforgettable experience that keeps members happy, healthy, and coming back for more. (Hands-On Only)



• PhD in Exercise Physiology, a Master's in Strength and Conditioning, and a Bachelor's in Nutrition
• Owner of Michelle Boland Training
• Previously the Director of Education at a private training facility
• Several years experience as a Strength and Conditioning Coach for a D1 collegiate institution
• Specializes in movement biomechanics, athletic development, and helping coaches growth their education to push the industry forward.
The Most Impactful Athletic Skill: Change of Direction
Athletic performance requires quick and efficient changes in direction. Most coaches only focus on strength as the answer to improved performance, but the ability to move in and out of positions requires coordination and expansive movement capabilities. Join Michelle as she dissects the abilities needed to maximize the skill of change of direction and the exercise strategies to improve those abilities. You will leave with a massive amount of programming strategies to apply to your athlete training! Come learn 3 progressions you can apply to any exercise for improvements in change of direction while gaining a deeper knowledge into the abilities required for the skill of change of direction. This session will show you drills that can improve your athlete’s abilities to decelerate and accelerate more effectively.



• President & Founder of Carlisle Performance Systems
• Performance Consultant to the NFL, PAC 12 and many other athletes
• Started the first full-time Sports Performance Facility- Lightning Fast Training Systems, LLC in Philadelphia
• Served as the Director of Sports Performance at Purdue University
• Former Strength & Conditioning Coach for the San Francisco 49ers
Speed Training For Youth Athletes: A Proven and Effective System Guaranteed to Get Your Athletes Faster
Coach Carlisle has trained athletes at every level, from youth to professional. In this session, you’ll learn his ABCs of speed development which will ensure your athletes have established the proper movement patterns to help them be fast on the field. Coach Carlisle’s Speed training system utilizes a simple and effective approach and has helped thousands of athletes get faster.



• Co-Founder of Certified Functional Strength Coach and Movement As Medicine
• Coach and General Manager at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
• International Educator for Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Certified Functional Strength Coach
Get Moving! – How to Get Clients Started and Make Them Stay
In the United States, less than 25% of people over the age of 18 meet the minimum physical activity guidelines for strength training and cardiovascular exercise. No matter how good our training programs are, we fail to get the everyday person into the gym consistently.  Despite generating tons of leads, too often, well-meaning gym owners and coaches lose new clients before they can show them the positive impact their gym can have on them.  Kevin will share with you the formula that they use at MBSC to attract, convert and grow new clients, so they become lifetime members at your training facility.  In this presentation, he will discuss real-world examples of:
● How To Market Your Facility
● How To On-Board New Clients and Integrate Them Into Your Gym Culture
● How To Build Programs To Get Them Comfortable In A New Training Environment
● How To Convert New Clients Into Lifetime Members



• Owner of Results Fitness, a complete fitness programming and consulting service
• Founder of ResultsFitnessUniversity.com
• One of the Country’s most sought-after fitness professionals 
Get More Clients: The Fastest Way to Grow Your Business 
Most fitness pros know that the fastest way to grow your business is by getting more clients. But not being marketing experts tend to rely solely on word of mouth.  Word of mouth just isn't enough in today's economy. You need a marketing system.  Alwyn will cover marketing strategies that they use at Results Fitness to continually attract new members, that don't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money and will work for new coaches and established facilities alike.  In his hands on session he will focus on training the beginner and what to do in a new clients first session. 



• Co-owns and operates Results Fitness, named one of the top ten gyms in the US by Men’s Health
• 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year
• Consultant for Nike, Livestrong.com, and Women’s Health
Coaching Women Over 40 to Age Strong
Rachel will be sharing her secrets to successfully coach women over 40. After this presentation you'll understand this demographic better, be able to design them a results guaranteed program, communicate and coach them effectively and even learn to market to attract more of them to your business! 



• Director of Performance – National Sports Performance Association (NSPA)
• Master Strength & Conditioning Coach, CSCCa
• International strength & conditioning presenter & consultant
Effective and Efficient Team/Group Training
Today’s trends seem to employ bells and whistles, tricks, and lots of unproven systems when programming.  Take a no-frills-approach to designing and programming your team/group training sessions. Whether you have a group 2, 3, or 4 days a week you can use this simple plug and play system that is 0% fluff and 100% real-world effective training.  From warm-up and activation to essential movement programming and mobility, this will be your go-to program and design if you train teams or groups. 



• Founder of Fitness Quest 10 (San Diego, CA)
• Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour 
• Named one of the top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
Be Legendary – 7 Principles to Create a Legendary Business, Career And Life
If there was ever a time the world needed more great coaches, trainers, life-transformers, and impact-makers, it’s NOW. In a world filled with too much darkness, negativity, & ill-health, there is so much opportunity right now for the best coaches, businesses, and people ready to change the world. But it’s going to require YOU to be at your best. In this “legendary” talk, Todd shares his 7-principles to “CREATE & BE LEGENDARY” in all aspects of your career, business, and life. This includes…

·      5-specific ways to create a legendary business.
·      4-things you MUST do to help clients, members, and athletes create and live their best lives.
·      3-hacks so you’re NOT mired-down in an abyss of negativity, pessimism, or worldly-events and that will allow you to operate in a world where you can flourish.
·      2-“legendary” exercises that will allow you to meet your “legendary self” and immediately begin to shift your energy, mindset, and action-steps to manifest what will be legacy.
·      1-thing you must do NOW to step-up into your best-self personally and professionally.

This is a can’t miss session designed to help you be LEGENDARY. 



• Founder and owner of H4 Training gyms
• A sought after speaker and  small-business entrepreneur
• Hosts his popular Success Trails Podcast which focuses on small business owners and their success
• Recently authored the book Crushing the Competition with Service
• He's built his career on a passion for customer service and customer experience, and today helps other small business owners transform their customer service 
Crushing the Competition with Service - How to Deliver World Class Service Like the Ritz-Carlton
In today's ultra-competitive environment there is really just one way to stand out amongst the competition. That is by delivering world class customer service and a world class customer experience. In this session, Hank will teach you how to turn customer service into a revenue generator versus a revenue detractor for your business.  (Lecture Only) 



• Co-founder and Co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC, named one of Men’s Health’s Top Gyms in America
• Co-Founder of Business for Unicorns
• 2x Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America (including #312 in 2015)
Time Management for Fitness Professionals and Gym Owners
Time is the only non-renewable resource. Yet despite tech advances meant to make us more productive, most trainers and gym owners feel we have less time than ever. We're stressed out, struggling to prioritize and never feel truly accomplished at the end of the day. There is a better way! In this session, Mark will cover why most to-do lists don't work (and what to do instead), how to set up your day for maximum productivity, the secrets of digital communication management and more. (Lecture Only) 



• Coach to professional athletes and international medalists.
• Author of Complete Olympic Lifting Handbook, and Velocity Based Training for Weightlifting.
• Creator of NSPA's Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach Course
Power and Strength: Rethinking the Basics With New Methods and Applications
Strength and power are two qualities we think we know, but in this talk Coach Fleming is going to re-examine what has traditionally been done and share with you new methods used to create some of the strongest athletes in the world. In this lecture and hands on you will learn theory and application of how to create stronger and more powerful individuals. 



• 2-Time Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional
• Founder of Ali Gilbert Coaching specializing in men’s health + hormone optimization 
• Founder of the Silverback Summit, the industry’s premier educational event for Mens Health
• Creator of Testosterone School, the only online educational course about hormone, fitness + nutrition optimization for men 
• Featured in Muscle & Fitness, T- Nation, as well as various other publications and podcasts on the topic of testosterone, fitness and nutrition 
The Men’s Health Crisis: Building Resilient Men in a Testosterone Declining Environment
There has been a significant decline in men's testosterone for the past 40 years. Attributed to environmental and lifestyle factors, it is inevitable a man will be confronted with the  decision to explore Testosterone Replacement Therapy. What can he do to prepare for this, if anything? How can he train? How does he eat? Ali will go over her exact approach to creating resilient men, fully informed about the world of TRT, and how you can have the same conversations with your clients surrounding this misunderstood topic. 



• One of the world’s top Rotational Strength & Conditioning Specialists
• Coaches and consults for PGA, LPGA, NFL, NHL, MLB and Extreme Sport Athletes
• Owns and operates Kinetica Performance LTD in Vancouver, BC
• Head of the Titleist Performance Institute Fitness Advisory Board
• Host of the Coach Glass Podcast and Coach Glass Mentorship helping coaches DreamBIG
• Author of DreamBIG, OverDeliver, BeUndeniable. Published 3 DVDs and featured on the Golf Channel & CBC Sports
Training Rotational Speed From the Ground Up
Everything you need to maximize your athlete's rotational speed! Coach Glass shares his science of rotational training from the ground up. Neuromuscular training, ground reaction force techniques, rotational plyometrics, and sling training will ignite your athletes to load and explode. This session is full of new rotational exercises, coaching cues, and assessments mixed with Coach Glass' unique style of presenting. Entertainment! Get inspired, laugh and learn a ton while having a ton of fun.  



• An 18 year veteran of the sports training industry, working as a Performance Coach for National Teams, as well as Professional and Olympic athletes 
• Founded the largest youth development educational organizations in the industry, serving as its CEO for nearly 8 years and co-created one of the fastest growing sport and fitness franchises in the United States along with it
• Author of multiple bestselling books and has written for magazines around the globe, including Men’s Fitness, Inked and Bulace
• Currently serves as the Chief Culture Officer for Metaplexus, as well as the Faculty Director for its subsidiary, Virtu Academy
• Brian holds a religiously accredited PhD in Pastoral Counseling and currently works as a Business & High Performance Consultant for several well-known brands in the health and wellness space
The Science & Practicality of Maximized Mindset: What Every Coach Needs to Know About Themselves AND Their Clients
Truth is, maximized mindset is the most fundamental and foundational aspect of success – in fitness, sport and business. The other truth is that very few people truly understand what maximized mindset means, how it applies or the basic process through which they can develop the maximized mindset they need to succeed. Largely confused with things like “positive thinking” or “motivation”, maximized mindset is better explained as an integrative understanding for how the brain, mind and entire nervous system interfaces and interprets stimulus in order to produce thought, emotion, action, behavior and habit. Left unchecked, our mindset will always reach into our past experiences and influences to determine how we should approach or respond to specific goals in our present day - which is why 92% of people who set goals do not achieve them. But when integrated into a simple plan that can be executed daily (within minutes), we unlock the true power of maximized mindset and breathe new life into our goals, ambitions and dreams.

  In this presentation, Coaches will:
• Learn the practical realities of “Neural Threat”, specifically, how it impacts mentality, emotionality, health and resilience in both their clients and themselves.
• Learn the scientific relevance as well as the practical application of the “4-Pillars Mindset System” - both for their own lives and the culture of their business.
• Learn the 5-traits within the umbrella of “Emotional Intelligence” including markers of their own EQ score as well as means and methods to improve the score where applicable. 



• Owner of State of Fitness, an 11,000 square foot training facility in East Lansing, Michigan
• President of Jackson State of Fitness, a corporate fitness division servicing 5,000 employees in Michigan, Nashville, TN, and Chicago
• Creator of State of Fitness University with over 400 graduates
• National Speaker for Thomas Plummer and the National Fitness Business Alliance
Infrastructure, Stability, Opportunity:  Creating a Long-Term Personal Training Career   
The career of many personal trainers is typically short-lived, underpaid, and overworked for the amount of money they make. Many personal trainers fall into the same trap: they need to hustle for clients, they don’t have a consistent schedule, and do not get paid for all of the hours that they work. This causes many personal trainers to quit the industry after 2-3 years due to frustration and lack of consistent growth in their careers. While the growth of personal trainers and the opportunities that they have is greater than ever, the lack of infrastructure, stability, opportunity, and growth is still limited in most scenarios. Justin Grinnell has been mentoring, coaching, consulting, and managing personal trainers and training gym owners for over 20 years and is committed to helping personal trainers to create an environment where they can thrive for years to come. Justin will go over what personal trainers should look in an employer and gym before they take the job, and show personal training gym owners and departments how they can set up a system to help their trainers stay longer, improve, grow, and stay on the team for years to come. (Lecture Only) 



• Director of Strength & Conditioning for Gold Standard Basketball Training
• College Professor of Exercise Science at Quincy College and Maryville University
• Founder of Athletic Performance University (APU)
• Ph.D. Student in Human & Sport Performance 
Deceleration & Landing: Building the Brakes
The field of Strength & Conditioning receives a lot of attention for the expression of power and force production in the form of plyometrics and speed. However, the precursor to these elements is what represents the first steps toward improving sport performance. Deceleration, force absorption and landing are all performance-based skills that make up the essential building blocks that, when trained properly, can help your athletes build strength and durability for long-term athletic development. As an athlete, learning how to properly decelerate and absorb force in sports is one thing. Harnessing that force through absorption―and then―re-applying it on the field/court in a powerful, athletic and controlled manner is a completely different story. 



• 46 years coaching experience in strength and conditioning
• Senior Lecturer, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham University
• Fulbright Scholar and All-American Discus Thrower
Easy Strength Omnibook
“Pick five exercises…and do them for the next forty workouts.” That simple sentence sums the entire length and breadth of the Easy Strength system. Yet, understanding the role of tension, the importance of variation (“wild,” “mild,” and “no”), and the movement matrix allows us to use Easy Strength as a template for elite performance, fat loss, and, basically, a means to “look good, feel good, and move good” (and, ideally, learn grammar). 



• CFO of Lebert Fitness, a global leader in the development of training tools 
• Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
• Fitness Club Owner
Maximizing Bodyweight
When it comes to getting stronger most coaches implement weight training primarily but may be overlooking some key neural, core and strength adaptations. This session will highlight how challenging, complimentary and beneficial bodyweight movements can be for both athletes and general populations and how just a few simple tools can really maximize strength outcomes. (Hands-On Only) 



• Owner of Integrative Rehab Training 
• Internationally recognized lecturer and consultant
• Clinical Adjunct Faculty at University of New England
Novel Concepts in Program Design for the Rehab Training Client
What is the best way to design a program for clients you train who are recovering from an injury or patients you treat in the rehabilitation environment?  There isn't just one.  Smart programming should be built on a multitude of variables including findings, goals, abilities, and other associated outliers.  It is a combination of objective, subjective and observational influences as well as educational opportunities.  This lecture and hands-on will cover several different considerations and examples of different ways of creating successful program design while helping build confidence and resilience with this population. 



• Athletic Performance Coach, Speaker, Student, Actor, Producer, Change Catalyst
• NASM Master Instructor and Under Armour Training Team
• Former Athletic Trainer & Strength Coach: NFL, AFL and several Hollywood sports films
The Honey B’s: Movement Made Sweeter By Keeping Things Simple, Memorable and Fun 
Let’s face it, we are in the age of too much information and too much to do. This is especially true in the area of fitness and wellness. All too often, people attach to the idea that fitness is too complicated and complex and thus, rarely follow thru on their regimens. As consumers, we are made to believe that we need apps, fitness trackers, subscription services, mechanical mirrors, this supplement, that exercise tool, etc to be successful in our fitness journey. When in actuality we need more of the K.I.S.S. (Keep it sweet and simple) Principal. Truth is, most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore, simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

  Introducing the Honey B’s: Breathing, Balancing, Bending and Bouncing. This session will empower you and your clients to not just add knowledge, but most importantly, TAKE ACTION OFTEN! More than just simplicity, and in authentic FMS form, we will dive deep into the corrective nature of these fundamentals; And learn why the B’s are the best practices for youth and senior populations. Become a master of the B’s as we will explore and layer in the concepts of stability vs mobility, asymmetries, games, timing and tempo, exercise selection, progressions and regressions, motor control and kinesthetic awareness. Finally! A system designed for follow thru. 



• Founder and CEO of the Parisi Speed Schools, with over 110 Licensed locations Worldwide 
• Author of Fascia Training: A Whole System Approach, 2019, Anatomy of Speed, Human Kinetics 2021, Fascia Training in Athletic Performance, Handspring 2023
• Recognized as one of the most successful personal training entrepreneurs in the world. Started out of a $500 dollar van in 1992.  The Parisi Speed Schools has trained more than 1,000,000 Youth and High School athletes, including more than 1,000 NFL draft picks and Division I College Athletes
Fascia Training in Athletic Performance -  Principles and Application
Fascia Training in Athletic Performance will provide Trainers and Coaches of all skill levels with the latest research-based strategies for optimizing athletic performance using fascia-aware training techniques that are proven to improve speed, power, agility, and injury resilience.  You will leave this presentation with three take-aways:
1. Understanding the important role tendons, ligaments, and fascia tissues play in speed and injury resilience. 
2. Learning how to apply the latest fascia research science to optimize speed and power training. 
3. Evaluating an athlete’s training needs based on their unique relationship to force and velocity. 



• Co-owner and founder of Skill of Strength
• Course instructor for Functional Movement Systems
• Strongfirst Senior Instructor
The Art and Science of the Kettlebell Swing
Kettlebell training has increased in popularity over the last decade and like anything that has become mainstream, important details are often missed.  In this lecture, Mike (Senior SFG Instructor under Pavel Tsatsouline) will walk you through art and science of the kettlebell swing.  Mike will discuss vital details such as movement prerequisites, biomechanics, contraindications and teaching progressions on how to safely teach the kettlebell swing.  In his hands on, Mike will be teaching a full kettlebell swing workshop. In this immersive workshop, you will learn some basic skills on how to perform and coach a safe and proper kettlebell swing. 



• Head of Sport Science and Player Development at Juventus Academy and Athenians SC in San Antonio, TX
• Guest Lecturer at Universities and International Conferences
• Formally at MBSC, Olympic Volleyball (NL), Olympic Ice Hockey (youth), EXOS 
A Framework for Managing Running Loads in Team Sports
Manipulating intensity happens by changing variables to the running task. These variables include distance, time, space, number of players, and whether physical contact is allowed. This presentation will describe how to manage the volume and intensity of intermittent running loads. It will also include a framework for designing various running-based plans and loading players progressively. 



• Founder of Training for Warriors, with over 200 affiliate locations in 20 countries 
• Certified over 4,000 trainers worldwide in the Training for Warriors Certification
• Best Selling Author of Coach to Coach, High Ten, Warrior Cardio, and Training for Warriors
• Consultant to numerous Professional Sport Teams, Division I Universities, Fortune 500 companies and Military Organizations
Coaching Magic – 7 Tricks to Bring Out the Best in Others
Would you like to be better able to inspire your people and build a stronger culture and community?  Do you need to reignite your own “fire” for fitness?  During this presentation, world-renown coach Martin Rooney will share the “magic” coaching tools he has used with thousands of athletes and clients to help you get the best out of both your people and yourself.  If you want others to have more confidence in your ability to produce consistent results, let Martin show you the “secret” strategies to take your coaching game to the next level. 



• Owner of Happy Hour, a Boston-based network of coaches specializing in personal training and sports performance
• Formally a senior coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (2009-2019)
• Formally the Senior Educator at Certified Functional Strength Coach and Clinic Director at Movement as Medicine (2015-2019)
Sustainable Methods for Longevity
This topic will cover strength training and cardiorespiratory protocols that are designed for your everyday athlete. These protocols coincide with the most recent research and are reduction strategies for pain, injury, disease and all cause mortality. Chasing adaptations for specific systems in the body require specific protocols. This presentation will cover different ways that we can apply appropriate stress to these specific systems and how we can prioritize recovery strategies to yield the best possible outcomes for longevity. 



• At 64 still doing 20+ hours of personal training and ST coach for 15-20 UFC fighters each week
• Competed for 30 years in 4 combat arts and Olympic weightlifting
• 21 years as director of the Institute of Human Performance, Boca Raton, FL 
• Produced over 70 videos, written 17 books, and published over 300 articles in the area of strength and conditioning
• Fellow of the NSCA
• Senior and Club Coach certifications and Course Instructor with USA Weightlifting 
• Level I Coach with United States of America Track and Field 
The Secrets of Metabolic Training
Most people love the idea of metabolic training, yet most don’t even know what it is. Perhaps it’s because the name, in and of itself, doesn’t mean anything and it’s just the name.  However, IHP assigned that name to a very specific style of training with more utility than meets the eye. In this presentation JC Santana will give you his definition of metabolic training, the reasons why that name was chosen, some of the obvious reasons for its implementation, and some not so obvious approaches to its utilization.  Attendees will learn the physiological, psychological, and spiritual adaptations that are brought by this exciting form of training, as well as take away some of the protocols used by thousands of IHP clients over the last 20 years!  Get ready to be blown away by metabolic training, and its latest training adaptation, “Psychomotor Vigilance”. 

  During the workshop portion of metabolic training, the attendees will get to test-drive several of the protocols that have made the IHP Metabolic protocols the go-to training method for coaches around the globe.  The attendees will not only go through metabolic protocols for various body systems, but also through the various sequences that open up the applications of this form of training.  



• 25 Years as a Researcher, Author, Educator, and Practitioner in Behavior Science
• 20 Years as a Behavior Consultant
• Owner of JS Advantages Executive Coaching in Columbia, MO
• Co-owner of Healthy Behavior Institute 


• 19 Years as a Personal Trainer, and Behavior Science Based Wellness Coach
• 13 Years as a Gym Owner of a Personal Training Facility
• Co-owner of Evolved Personal Training in Columbia, MO
• Co-owner of Healthy Behavior Institute
Unlocking the Potential of Behavior Science:  The Future of Fitness
Good coaches use exercise science and nutrition science. Great coaches use behavior science with their exercise science and nutrition science. The coach of the future will be required to utilize behavior science to succeed.  Clients need more than a workout and a meal plan.  Clients need a plan that considers their personality, behaviors, environment, and lifestyle. Clients are increasingly expecting this and looking for a differentiator when choosing gyms.  Integrating behavior science into your offerings will improve client compliance and reduce frustration for you and your clients.  In addition, you’ll be adding a service to your offerings that you can charge for at a higher rate. So, this isn’t just to make you a better coach, even though that’s part of it, it’s also to improve your income by adding behavior coaching to what you do.  Clients not only need this, but they will also pay good money for it because it’s a solution to their problem. A solution that very few know how to do. Join us for our presentation to learn how simple behavior science systems can accelerate your fitness coaching career.  (Lecture Only) 



• Owner, Corey Taylor Sports Performance in Louisville, Kentucky 
• Nationally recognized sports performance coach, powerful motivator, presenter, author and creator of “Footwork” DVD 
• Nationally recognized for his NFL Combine Prep Program
• Head performance coach of the College Gridiron Showcase all-star game since 2015  
• First recipient of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) Coach of Distinction 2014 and finalist for Coach of the Year in 2015
Mindset & Movement: The Two Keys to Unlocking An Athlete’s Potential
Discover how to make the most of any training session by integrating specific work on developing a championship mindset and creating elite movement quality in your athletes. Your time with your athletes is often limited, so in this session you'll learn how to make the most of every training opportunity by blending mindset & movement development into everything you do. (Hands-On Only) 



• 20+ years in the fitness industry and former strength coach and national level track and field athlete
• 10 years as a sports physician treating athletes of all levels from local/novice to world champions and professionals
• Teaches strength training, rehabilitation, anatomy and biomechanics all over the world for Athlete Enhancement
Mastering Core Training
Having a strong/stable core is the foundation of any good strength training program. In this lecture and workshop, Dr. Ulm will teach attendees not only how the core works, but how to cue a proper brace for maximal lifting, and how to effectively program core training for their clients and athletes. This will not only boost results (performance), but reduce the risk of injury as well. Attendees will leave this workshop more confident in their ability to train their athletes and feel ready to implement the concepts covered immediately.  



• Executive Director of Human Performance & Nutrition Research Institute at Oklahoma State University
• Former Vice President and Global Director of Michael Johnson Performance
• Over 27 years of professional experience (i.e., making and learning from mistakes) while training, testing, and rehabilitating thousands of athletes across all ages and sports, including many of the fastest athletes to walk the planet in the last 20 years
• Diverse background of "practice" in research, physical therapy, performance training, and strength & conditioning spanning across high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional sport
Physical Literacy: Is Long-Term Athlete Development the Solution for Improving Health in America
Health outcomes in the USA are bad and getting worse, ranking #1 globally in preventable diseases like diabetes and related conditions such as obesity. In this presentation, Lance will provide some answers and practical take-home solutions for answering questions like:  What role does physical literacy play in health?  Is a LTAD model useful in creating a service template to improve health as well as sport performance for my clients?  What are some simple programming ideas I can use to begin delivering physical literacy services to my clients? 



Perform Better's Functional Training Summit is designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experience with many of the top professionals in the industry. 


The presenters will include many of the most respected names in training, conditioning, and rehabilitation. 


Attendees will have a choice of two lectures and two hands-on sessions every 90 minutes. Sign up for each presentation is not required; however, space may be limited for select hands-on sessions. Friday night complimentary social with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas.
Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Coaches & anyone interested in learning more about the latest concepts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation.
NSCA - 1.8
NASM - 1.4
ACE - 1.6
CSCCa - 8.0
A full refund can be issued if cancelled 21 days prior to the event. 

Check out the highlights from our past Summits!


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