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2022 Three Day Functional Training Summit in Orlando, FL

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Thursday, June 2, 2022
Optional Check-In and Registration
1:00 PM - 4:00PM

Friday, June 3, 2022
8:00 AM - 6:30PM

Saturday, June 4, 2022
8:00 AM - 5:30PM

Sunday, June 5, 2022
8:00 AM - 12:15PM



Rosen Plaza Hotel
9700 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

Rooms: Grand Ballroom A & B


Rosen Plaza Hotel
9700 International Drive
Orlando, FL 32819
(407) 996-9700

*$165 Single/Double Discounted Rate. Please mention group code GRPPBMFA22 or "Perform Better" when reserving your room. Must reserve by May 11, 2022.
*Room blocks are limited availability. No guarantees. Hotel may become SOLD OUT at any time.



Early Bird Special - $289 (prior to May 5, 2022)

Registration Price - $359 



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• Co-Founder of the Functional Movement Screen
• Former Program Director for Athletic Training at Averett University
• Lectures nationally and internationally in the fields of sports medicine and performance enhancement
• Doctorate degree from Virginia Tech with an emphasis in Health Promotion
Program Design Considerations for Improving Musculoskeletal Health and Pain
1.71 Billion people worldwide suffer from musculoskeletal conditions. 568 Million suffer from low back pain. Musculoskeletal conditions now affect 1 in 2 American adults. When we talk about musculoskeletal conditions, that includes back pain, knee pain, & ankle pain. The little aches and pains that over the course of life begin to cause individuals to begin skipping, or missing activities they enjoy. The facts suggest pain and/or injury have a negative impact on the daily living of those we serve.  While research and data continue to focus on this dilemma, musculoskeletal issues remain a leading health problem around the world.  During this session Dr. Lee Burton will discuss how to break this cycle and identify what is the best strategy for long-term exercise adherence to reduce injury and pain. His advice will give you the knowledge and tools to quickly and effectively identify modifiable movement-based risk factors shown to be contributors to musculoskeletal injury.


• Owner of Results Fitness, a complete fitness programming and consulting service
• Founder of ResultsFitnessUniversity.com
• One of the Country’s most sought-after fitness professionals
Training the Beginner
70% of new clients that walk through your gym door are complete beginners. And the rest? Well if they haven't trained with you before in YOUR system, then it's new to them.  That means they are beginners too.  This course will cover how to develop, design and implement the first 30 days of a new clients program, and look at progressions, regressions for every exercise.


• Co-owns and operates Results Fitness, in their 19th year of business
• 2012 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year
• Consultant for Nike, Livestrong.com, and Women’s Health
Easy To Implement Strategies To Attract Your Ideal Clients
It's common to get overwhelmed with marketing. Most fitness pros know they need to market but it's last on their list of favorites. Not making marketing a priority is keeping you from growing your business and helping more people. Rachel will break through the confusion of Facebook ads, google analytics and search engines to go over easy to do marketing strategies that don't take a lot of time or cost a lot of money. Commit to using these strategies and you'll have more of your ideal clients flooding to your business than ever before. So you attracted your ideal clients, now what? We train! In Rachel’s hands-on, she will focus on the types of workouts she uses with general population endurance teams to get ready for 5K's, triathlons and Obstacle course races covering everything from strength programming and plyometric progressions leading into running technique.


• Founder of IoM and ViPR PRO
• Co-Founder of PTA Global
• Past Adjunct Faculty (Sport Science) - University of San Francisco
Athletic Preparation: Build the Body’s Chassis
Building up a strong foundation is critical for athletic performance, and in many cases, supports better longevity. Being ‘bigger, stronger, faster’ are main focuses for many athletes … but at what cost? The best ability is availability for many who participate in sport, from recreational to professional. With considerations around gaining a performance edge, we must also consider how to build resilience in the system.  In this workshop, Michol will teach you how feet, eyes, lungs, and deep core all aid in building a sustaining architecture of the body to fulfill the needs of athletic development. You will learn how accessory muscles of breathing are the primary drivers of deep stabilization and how to train them. He will show you strategies to prepare the hip as a 3D force generator as well as how to use ground reaction force to prepare the foot and make it resilient.


• Founder of Fitness Quest 10 (San Diego, CA)
• Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour
• Named one of the Top 100 Most Influential People in Health & Fitness, 2012, 2013, 2014 & 2015
ENERGY AMPLIFIED: Turn it Up & Live Your Best Life…NOW!!!
If there was ever a time to infuse more energy, positivity, and connectivity into your business & life, it’s now. People are empty, lost, burnt-out, depressed, and more broken than ever before. That means there’s never been a better time to change lives, impact lives, & infiltrate hope, optimism, belief, and energy in people than right NOW. In this session, Todd will help you dig deep, resurrect your passion, and get lit-up from the inside-out. He will teach you how to live with even more passion & purpose than ever before and how to not let fear guide your decisions or stop you from living your biggest dreams. Come let Todd challenge, motivate, and inspire you to live your best life.


• Director of Movement and Return to Performance for the Houston Texans
• Owner / Founder of Structure and Function Education
• Associate Professor, Athletic Training, A.T. Still University
• Author: Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance
Yoga for Athletes- The Mind/ Body/ Breath Connection
The practice of yoga has been around for centuries.  While all types of yoga are built off similar principles, all yoga styles are not created equal.  In this session, Sue will discuss historical significance as it relates to modern concepts of training.  Why, when and how should you incorporate yoga with your clients? Come to this session to find out. 


• Assistant Professor and Director of The Wellness Institute at Springfield College
• Owner of TF Performance, LLC.
• Former NFL and Division I Strength Coach and Nutrition Coordinator for the Carolina Panthers, Eastern Michigan University, University of Louisville, and The Citadel.
Maximizing Your Mindset with Mental Skills
Recent events have forced all of us to change, whether we were ready for it or not. But what if there was a way we could develop the skills we needed to thrive amongst uncertainty and push through adversity? What if we could tap into our own inner tools and resources to help us face life’s challenges with confidence and conviction?  Join Dr. Adam Feit as he explores the benefits of mental skills training and helps you and your clients put together your own “mindset manual” for when motivation is low, stress is high, and performance is on the line. (Lecture Only)


• Former Collegiate (University of Iowa, University of Louisville) and Private Sector (MBSC, RYPT) Sports Performance Coach
• Assistant Professor and Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning at Springfield College
• Ph.D. in Teaching and Administration with a research focus on Coach Education
Post-Session Review: The Use of a Reflective Practice in Strength and Conditioning
As strength and conditioning coaches and personal trainers, it is easy for us to move quickly from one session to the next without taking the time to reflect on the successes and/or mishaps of the training session.  Lack of reflection leads to lack of improvement.  Join Dr. Mary Kate Feit as she discusses the use of reflection within the field of Strength and Conditioning and Personal Training.  During this session, MK will focus on three major elements: the research related to reflection within the coaching profession, important coaching behaviors that should be reflected on after each training session, and various methods of reflection that can be used to improve both your own and your staff’s coaching behaviors.  You will leave this session not only understanding what a reflective practice is but with a plan as to how to incorporate a reflective practice into daily life.


• Co-founder/ Co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC, named one of Men’s Health’s Top Gyms in America
• Co-Founder of Business for Unicorns
• 2x Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America (including #312 in 2015)
10 Ways to Grow Your Training Business in 2022
It's no secret that the landscape of fitness has changed in the past two years. Many gyms have closed. Many tech companies are entering the fitness space. And many of our clients are navigating new lifestyles. On the bright side, there's never been more opportunity to grow your training business; but you won't get there with yesterday's strategies. In this presentation, Mark Fisher will share what's working NOW to impact your community and build your business in the "new normal." (Lecture Only)


• Owner of Scientific Fitness
• Former Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach for 6 NASCAR Teams
• Performance Coach & Injury Specialist for Pro Sports Teams, Pro Athletes, UFC, X-Games, Motocross, USA Cycling Team, and elite CEO’s and celebrities
Using Recovery & Physiology to Enhance Performance 
Diving into a deeper understanding of the human brain & physiology in order to enhance movement & overall performance, prevent injury, and reduce recovery time.  You will learn the latest evidenced-based approaches to training and recovery to help you understand what your clients’ needs to get the most out of their sessions with you.   The health and fitness industry is more important now than ever. When you master your skills you have at the ability to create a successful business, change people’s lives, and make an impact on the world! 


• 2-Time Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional
• Creator of Testosterone School, the only resource combining fitness, nutrition, and testosterone optimizing strategies
• Founder of Ali-Gilbert.com, offering remote and local training/health coaching services to alter body composition and optimize metabolism
• Featured in Muscle & Fitness, as well as various other publications on the topic of testosterone, metabolism, and golf fitness
The Metabolic Male: A Unique Approach to Conquering Men’s Metabolism
We know testosterone levels in men are on a steep decline of 1% per year. This is starting as young as 16, and is an epidemic. However, whether a man wants to explore testosterone replacement therapy or not, he is best off getting his body as healthy & resilient as possible. This includes managing insulin resistance, inflammation, & muscle tissue. There is an incentive for doing a “GPP” Phase for the general population - any treatments related to anti-aging will work that much better and is likely to drive greater compliance when focused on body composition in this approach.


• Senior Network Administrator, Fitness & Sports Performance, St. Luke's University Health Network - Pennsylvania and New Jersey
• Lectures nationally and internationally in the fields of sports performance, medical fitness & health fitness
• Chapter Author for several books on Athletic Performance, Fitness & Chronic Disease, and Disability Management & Fitness
Programming For Amazing Outcomes 
Stimulate your team and yourself to produce programs for your clientele that exceed their expectations and goals with evidence-based and outcomes focused approaches. Discover how to utilize assessment tools and programming methods to serve a wide-ranging fitness & athletic clientele while maintaining a customized approach. This lecture and break out session will provide resources and strategies to facilitate fitness and athletic clientele to catapult their fitness and sports performance potential. Attendees will leave the hands-on session with proven methods for training their clients.


• CEO, Ultimate Sandbag Training and Creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System
• Has been teaching continuing education programs for over 15 years in 13 countries, including kettlebells in Russia
• Consulted and created programs for all populations from US Marines, to Division 1 programs, to hospital wellness programs
Why You Aren't Programming Functional Training Correctly
Most think functional training is a good idea, but the reality is they don't trust it can provide the fitness and performance results they want to achieve with their clients. That is because the majority of functional training programs miss the unique and valuable concepts that make functional training a powerful tool in achieving performance, injury resilience, and aesthetic goals. Discover how understanding functional training means thinking about how we program our training differently and provides us great opportunities to create smarter solutions. 


• Over 15 years of coaching experience in strength and conditioning
• College Professor of Exercise Science and a Ph.D. student in Human & Sport Performance
• His work has been featured in Men’s Health, Men’s Journal, T-Nation, Science for Sport, StrengthCoach.com, Eccentric, TrueCoach, and TrainHeroic
Deceleration & Landing: Building the Brakes
The fields of Strength & Conditioning and Sport Performance receive a lot of attention for the expression of power and force production in the form of plyometrics and speed. However, the precursor to these elements is what represents the first steps toward building long-term athletic development. The athletic performance skills of deceleration, force absorption and landing make up the essential building blocks that, when trained properly, can help your athletes build strength, durability and injury resilience.


• Owner of Kutting Edge Fitness in Kirkland and Issaquah, Washington & Kinetic Fitness in Butte, Montana
• International speaker and is considered an expert on the business of start-up gyms, improving strength/power for golf and other rotational sports, and small group training
• Mentored by some of the top golf fitness and fitness business professionals in the country
5 Steps to Build a Financially Successful Training Gym
Whether you a personal trainer burnt out on coaching or capped as far as career advancement and looking to make the move to gym owner or you are a gym owner looking to take their profitability to the next level this is the lecture for you!! Join Dan to find out the steps you need to take to build a financially successful training gym that will allow you to control your time and provide financial freedom.  You will walk away with a playbook on how to build your business from the bottom up including information on developing lead generation, setting up the trial program and sales process, and selecting the right client demographics and average client EFT. Dan will also discuss what changes need to be made to your business in 2022 and whether or not you should consider adding online training to your business long term. In his hands-on session, Dan will show you the secrets of how he programs his small group training sessions in his gyms. Laugh, learn, and grow as you participate in some really amazing hands-on drills that will blow your mind.


• CFO of Lebert Fitness, a global leader in the development of innovative training tools
• Inventor of the Lebert Equalizer
• Certified NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner
• Fitness club owner: Lebert Fitness Nation in Toronto, Canada
Calisthenics for Coaches
Most coaches are so proficient in loaded movement and weight training but don’t really know where to start with calisthenics to challenge their clients. In this session, Marc will use equipment to progress calisthenic fundamentals for clients and athletes alike.  Come have fun learning and exploring new calisthenic movements that will definitely challenge your bodyweight strength.  A Great way to get your day started!  Learning some full body progressions that will get anyone ready and moving.  (Hands-On Only)


• Over 25 years of experience in the field of human performance working with Olympians, professional and Division I athletes, and the U.S. Military
• Helped create Athletes’ Performance (EXOS) with Mark Verstegen
• Currently the lead performance strategist for the Department of Defense’s Optimizing the Human Weapons System (OHWS) project.
Wearable Technology – The Good, The Bad, The Insights, and The Error
With the potential to change people’s lifestyles and improve their wellbeing, decisions, and behaviors, the physiological monitoring industry is investing billions of dollars into the development of wearable technologies. It is estimated that worldwide smart wearable device sales will double by 2022, becoming a $27 billion+ market. It is because of this that our clients and athletes are leaning on these devices to better inform them about their exertion, sleep, and recovery. In this presentation we will discuss many of the most popular wearable devices, what they do well, what they say they do well but don’t, and how to guide your clients through the information, errors, and inaccuracies. 


• Founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training
• Owner of Alloy Personal Training, conducting over 60,000 personal training sessions a year
• Licensed his business and training systems to over 2,000 clubs worldwide and has now moved to a full franchise model
Level Up! 30 Years of Hard Lessons
From solopreneur trainer to Alloy, licensing 2500 gyms worldwide and eventually pivoting to full franchising with Alloy Personal Training, Rick has had an amazing journey full of wins and losses. In this session, Rick is going to share some sage advice based on real-world experience that will help you shortcut your business growth and change your lens on your business and life. (Hands-On Only)


• Athletic Performance Coach, Speaker, Student, Actor, Producer, Change Catalyst
• NASM Master Instructor and Under Armour Training Team
• Former Athletic Trainer & Strength Coach: NFL, AFL and several Hollywood sports films
Mastery vs. Passion: The True Path to Impact And Happiness Through Your Work
The fallacy of "follow your passion” most often leads to unhappiness. Research says most people don’t have a passion. So what is the other alternative? The other alternative is to engage in a craftsman mindset. The craftsman mindset switches the perspective from "what can this job offer me" to "how can I serve through the lens of this job". Like a craftsman, you find satisfaction in the development of your skill and then you leverage that skill once you have it to take control of your working life and build something that’s more long-term and meaningful. The habits of the craftsman mindset are really the habits of deliberate practice. In this lecture and hands-on, Brian will illuminate the true path to long term happiness in your work and what it takes to get there. If you want to feel less pressured about following your passion and more fired-up to hone your skills,  it is time to stop thinking and start creating!


• Founder and CEO of the Parisi Speed School franchise
• Author of Fascia Training: A Whole System Approach
• Recognized as one of the most successful personal training entrepreneurs in the world and has training more than 650,000 athletes, including more than 145 NFL draft picks, a host of Olympians and champion UFC fighters
The Anatomy of Speed
Join Bill as he takes you deep inside the science of speed to explain how it is generated, how it is exhibited, and, most importantly, how to improve it through targeted drills, structured training programs, and proven recovery strategies. You will learn how the body’s anatomical systems work together to create speed, how to structure a speed-specific Active Dynamic Warmup routine and how to assess and develop speed-specific strength and power. Bill will show you proven drills for improving acceleration, max velocity, multidirectional speed, and agility.


· Consultant to MLB organizations, collegiate performance departments, and professional baseball players
· Former reconditioning and performance therapist for the Minnesota Twins and rehabilitation specialist for the San Diego Padres
· Former team chiropractor for University of California San Diego athletics
Compression & Expansion: A Simple Concept That Governs All Movement
Have you ever wondered why some athletes/clients are better at producing force more so than others, or why some are biased toward better starting versus absolute speed? When evaluating your athletes/clients are you curious as to why certain compensatory strategies are often seen with squatting/lunging/rotating? This lecture and hands on will look at the concept of compression and expansion to provide answers to these questions, and potentially change the way you view movement. We will link compensatory strategies with movement limitations and discuss (in the lecture) and execute (in the hands on) programming ideas to improve upon these limitations.


• Owner of PatRigsby.com
• Owned and led over 25 different fitness and sports performance businesses, including two award winning fitness franchises
• Leads Mastermind and Coaching Groups for fitness business owners to grow their clientele, increase their income, improve their impact, and build their ideal business
What I Do If I Were Your Business Coach or Fitness Business Fixes
In this session, Pat will coach you through fixing the 3 most common challenges that keep businesses from growing. You'll gain the knowledge you need and get access to the tools that will guide you to overcome those obstacles that are holding you back from having the business that you want. (Lecture Only)


• Founder of Training For Warriors, with over 200 affiliate locations in 20 countries
• Certified over 4,000 trainers worldwide in the Training For Warriors Certification
• Best Selling Author of Coach to Coach, High Ten, Warrior Cardio, and Training for Warriors
• Consultant to numerous Professional Sport Teams, Division I Universities, Fortune 500 companies and Military Organizations
How to Coach for Culture
Have you been “grinding” in a gym the last two years and wondering why you aren’t as successful as some other fitness pros?  That’s because today your biggest competitive advantage isn’t providing a cool workout or your fitness knowledge.  It’s your culture!  After helping hundreds of gyms around the world build contagious cultures, Martin Rooney shares his secrets on how to develop an environment that not only reignites your business, but rekindles your fire for fitness too. 


• Owner of Drive Fitness in NYC
• One of the most sought after coaches in the world, with a high-profile clientele roster ranging from professional athletes to celebrities and business moguls
• Men’s Health Advisory Board Member as well as launched multiple digital platforms and is the founding partner in half a dozen brands
How to Monetize An Online Fitness Business
Come see Don’s 5-Step approach to monetizing a fitness business and learn how to get started, how to create systems and open up new business opportunities. He will discuss action stepsto take, as well as cover marketing, networking, and forming new business relationships.  In this session, Don will show you how to take an idea from concept to launch. (Lecture Only)
Superhero Training: How I Get My Actors Cover Ready

In this hands-on session, Don will walk you through his ways of meshing the worlds of performance and physique. These are the same systems he uses to help create some of Hollywood’s best superhero physiques.  (Hands-On Only)


• Breathing, Mobility & Mind/Body Coach for the Toronto Blue Jays, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Giants and many other professional sports teams and athletes 
• Best-selling Author of the Book “Practical Solutions for Back Pain Relief” (Althea Press 2018) and hundreds of published articles
• On-air and On-line Fitness Expert for CNN Health and HLN since 2013
• Host of The Real Strong People Podcast
Making Mobility Work in Any Program
Quality of movement impacts the quality of our gym and athletic performance as well as overall lifestyle. That’s why creating and enhancing pain-free, functional ranges of motion should be a priority in every program, regardless of whether your client is a pro athlete or work-from-home parent. In this session, Dana will teach you the how and why behind structuring mobility programs—including the integration of mobility exercises into strength and conditioning programs as well as the creation of stand-alone mobility sessions. She’ll also share key insights into getting your clients to buy into mobility training so they understand the value and will not only comply with your programming but practice exercises on their own.


• Nationally recognized expert in human movement with nearly 30 years of professional experience and knowledge
• Author of Return to Center, Strength Training to Realign the Body, Recover From Pain, and Achieve Optimal Performance
• Anatomy in Motion Educator and Mentor, currently owns and operates Rocky’s Personal Fitness Training, Inc. in Santa Cruz, CA
Wedge It Up! 
How foot contact takes place with the ground can greatly affect joint motion, power, strength, and mobility all the way up the chain. When proper loading through the feet is re-educated, joint restrictions can be reduced, efficient loading of the muscles can occur, timing patterns can be cleaned up and in many cases pain symptoms can be mitigated. This presentation will explore the concepts and strategies behind using small foam wedges under the feet to create a more ideal environment for rehab, strength & conditioning.


• Owner of Lee Taft Athletic Consulting
• Lectures to coaches, schools, and organizations both nationally and internationally on athletic development principles
• Consultant to many athletes, coaches, and teams on the development of multi-directional speed programs
How to Mold Specific Game Speed From General Speed Patterns
We often talk about the development of athletes but we quickly skip forward to get to the “Good-Stuff”- Sport Specific Speed. This is why we see acute and chronic injuries and lack of diversity in movement. Come learn how to properly stack sport specific game speed on top of a robust general athletic speed movement foundation. This is truly the Game-Changer!


• Owner, Corey Taylor Sports Performance in Louisville, Kentucky
• Nationally recognized sports performance coach, powerful motivator, presenter, author and creator of “Footwork” DVD
• Nationally recognized for his NFL Combine Prep Program
• Head performance coach of the College Gridiron Showcase all-star game since 2015
• First recipient of the International Youth Conditioning Association (IYCA) Coach of Distinction 2014 and finalist for Coach of the Year in 2015
Achieving Peak Performance When It Matters Most 
If you want to help your athletes translate their off-field work into on field results, this is for you. In this hands-on session, Corey will show you how to blend mechanics & mindset to maximize actual game speed and perform better in any combine or evaluation. He will help you select the right moments to be performance ready and have the right mindset for any competitive situation. (Hands-On Only)


• Vice President and Global Director of Michael Johnson Performance
• Over 25 years of professional experience (i.e., making and learning from mistakes) while training, testing, and rehabilitating thousands of athletes across all ages and sports, including many of the fastest athletes to walk the planet in the last 20 years
• Diverse background of "practice" in research, physical therapy, performance training, and strength & conditioning spanning across high school, collegiate, Olympic, and professional sport
Around the World in 75 Minutes: 12 Training Secrets Stolen from International High Performance Sport Coaches
The world of performance training is moving fast...and not just here in the USA.  Learnings from 25 years of international sports performance training will be shared, covering all aspects of coaching including culture, coaching, and communication.  Specific take-home and use practical programming will be shared that come from high performance teams, coaches, and clubs from South America, the Carribbean, Asia, and Europe.  Expand your perspective and learn some practical applications for your training, coaching, and leadership with this behind-the-scenes look into the international world of high-performance sport.


• World Renowned Physical Therapist and Performance Coach
• Director of Physical Performance, Men's Canadian National Basketball Team
• Former Strength & Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia 76ers, NBA
Lateralizations & Regressions: A System of How Trainers, Coaches and Therapists Work Together
It is more and more common that clients in pain or challenging physical characteristics choose fitness professionals to guide their solutions.  Often it is obvious that these clients can't safely execute all the exercises in a great program because of their injuries or pain.  Referring out to health care professionals should still fit under the same umbrella of values and priorities as the fitness professional, and Lateralizations & Regressions provides that system for all proper professionals to work together for the benefit of the client.



Perform Better's Functional Training Summit is designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experience with many of the top professionals in the industry.
The presenters will include many of the most respected names in training, conditioning, and rehabilitation.
Attendees will have a choice of two lectures and two hands-on sessions every 90 minutes. Sign up for each presentation is not required; however, space may be limited for select hands-on sessions. Friday night complimentary social with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas
Feature presentation, question and answer session. Centrally located in beautiful Orlando, FL.
Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Coaches & anyone interested in learning more about the latest concepts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation.
NSCA - 1.9
NASM - 1.4
A full refund can be issued if cancelled 21 days prior to the event.
Check out the highlights from our past Summits!

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I love Perform Better. They are one of my fav companies for exercise equipment as well as education for trainers/ fit pros/ enthusiasts…. Anyone that has a chance to attend the summit should do it! They are awesome!!!