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2020 Three Day Functional Training Summit in Providence, RI

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Friday, July 31, 2020
8:00 AM - 6:30PM

Saturday, August 1, 2020
8:00 AM - 5:30PM

Sunday, August 2, 2020
8:00 AM - 12:15PM

How to Become That Public Speaker You Always Dreamed of Becoming - with Thomas Plummer

Thursday, July 30 from
 1:00pm - 5:00pm 

This four-hour workshop is your introduction to how to get started as a public speaker that matters. Taught by Thomas Plummer, considered by many to be the most influential speaker in his long career in fitness and business coach to most of the major coaches in the industry, this workshop is your place to learn and plan out a financially successful career of speaking. 

Fitness Career 2020 - with Alwyn Cosgrove

Thursday, July 30 from
 1:00pm - 5:00pm 

This session is designed to help you set clear objectives for your fitness career. If you're just starting out, are lost and need to regroup, or have been doing this for a while and are ready to transition to the next step, this is the perfect starting point. Alwyn Cosgrove will cover big picture thinking, business models and delivery systems, and changes that are coming in 2020 and beyond. . 


Rhode Island Convention Center
1 Sabin Street
Providence, RI 02903

Rooms: Grand Ballroom A


Omni Hotel
1 West Exchange Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 598-8000

*$189 Single/Double Discounted Rate. Please mention "Perform Better" when reserving your room. Must reserve by July 10th.
*Room blocks are limited availability. No guarantees. Hotel may become SOLD OUT at any time.

Courtyard Providence Downtown
32 Exchange Street
Providence, RI 02903
(401) 272-1191


Early Bird Special - $289 (prior to June 18, 2020)

Pre-Registration Special - $359
(prior to July 16, 2020)

Registration - $389



Keynote Presentation:
Friday, July 31 - 5:45pm-6:30pm


How to Make the Impossible, Possible!

From his parents dining room to an International Brand, GYMGUYZ Founder & CEO Josh York, an American Dream Come True - 12 years ago, Josh York was sitting at his parents dining room table hammering out the idea that would become GYMGUYZ – A Mobile In-Home Fitness Training Provider today boasting 251 locations across 30 states, and 3 countries. Josh, who believes sleep is the enemy and subscribes to 4-5 hours a night with a 4:00 workout followed by a Sauna and 31’ Cold Plunge daily wasn't going to be denied his dream. It has been an incredible journey. To devising visionary business plans where his mom served dinner and today is rubbing shoulders with major disruptors in the business industry such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Phil Knight (Nike Founder) and Trent Shelton to name a few. Josh and his experienced franchise management team expects to open another 150 locations this year.

Josh’s competitive nature, passion for living and presence makes him one of the most sought-after motivational speakers of the day.


• Internationally recognized expert in strength and conditioning
• Former Strength and Conditioning Consultant for the Boston Red Sox and the US Gold Medal Olympic Teams in Women's Soccer and Women's Hockey
• Currently owns and operates Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
Training Kids

More and more facilities are adding youth training programs as a new revenue opportunity. Unfortunately, too many are trying to apply the same methodologies that they use with adults. Few understand that children aren't miniature adults and shouldn't be trained like them. Join Coach Boyle as he shares the successful programming (and time management strategies) his team uses at MBSC to train kids safely, efficiently and effectively.


• Co-Founder of Certified Functional Strength Coach and Movement As Medicine
• Coach and General Manager at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning
• International educator for Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning and Certified Functional Strength Coach
Rehab 101: A Coaches Guide to Rehab

The strength coach and personal trainer should play a central role in any rehabilitation process. However, many fitness professionals are unsure of how they can safely and effectively contribute to the athlete’s rehab team. In Kevin’s presentation, he will cover a principle based approach to training the injured athlete and discuss how we as personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches can serve as a valuable part of a rehabilitation team to help the athlete reach their goal of returning to the field of play.


• Founder of the Functional Movement Screen
• Author of Athletic Body in Balance and Movement
• Pushes professionals and enthusiasts to creatively re-think movement behavior
Defining Movement

The way that we talk about movement can change the way we look at movement. Gray Cook takes a deeper look at the language we all use and explores where that view leads astray us and where a new outlook can help us as we try to protect, correct and develop movement. It becomes a question of strategy vs. tactics or strategy and tactics. Why do we move? And why should that matter so much? His hands on will take a new look at adjusting movement quality and load quantity. Join Gray to see how Functional Movement Systems developed these moves and learn how to use them before, during and after your workouts.


• VP Member Services, EXOS
• Former Global Director of Fitness & Performance for Nike
• Former Senior Director of the Equinox Fitness Training Institute.
Fitness Career Transformation: Propelling Yourself from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be

Most fitness professionals get into the industry full of excitement and passion only to see their enthusiasm wane over time. Too often the day-to-day grind of long days, lack of free time and no clear end in sight wear on the fitness professional causing him/her to question their career choice and wonder, “what’s next?”. In this interactive session, as Geralyn shares the proven strategies and tools to identify what drives you, find your unique “element” and move towards the career of your dreams! (Lecture Only)


• Owner of Results Fitness, a complete fitness programming and consulting service
• Founder of ResultsFitnessUniversity.com
• One of the Country’s most sought-after fitness professionals
Program Design Evolution for the 2020 Client

Today’s client has changed. Their lives have changed. They arrive in worse shape than they did just 10 years ago. The gym may be their ONLY physical activity. To serve the needs of this new client the fitness profession needs to evolve – and quickly. In this session Alwyn shares the secrets of creating training programs that guarantee results for the changing needs of today’s new client.


• President and Co-founder of Cressey Sports Performance, with facilities in MA and FL
• Director of Player Health and Performance, New York Yankees
• Writer, presenter, consultant and podcast host
Spine-Sparing Training Strategies

Not all spines are the same, so not all programming and coaching strategies are universally applicable across all populations. In this session, Eric delves into the lessons he’s learned from training rotational sport athletes, strength sport competitors, and general fitness clients, combined with his own personal experience of more than 15 years training as a powerlifter.


• Owner of the award-winning, iconic gym, Fitness Quest 10
• Leads the Todd Durkin Mastermind Coaching Group for fit-pros looking for maximum business & life success
• Lead Training Advisor, Under Armour
Top 20 Lessons in 20 Years

There have been many lessons learned in 20 years. Todd started his business with no money, no clients, no business plan, and very little understanding of how to run a business. 20 years later, there have been thousands of lives changed, many accolades and achievements, and a ton of IMPACT created. But it wasn’t always easy. There were tough times, many losses, and lots of tough lessons. In this riveting talk, take a journey with Todd on his top business, brand, and personal lessons learned in the past 20 years as a trainer, coach, leader, entrepreneur, father/husband, and life-transformer. It will truly be worth millions of dollars in time, energy, money and ultimate happiness and legacy. In his hands-on session, it will be your "Best workout in 20 years." Don't miss it!


• Owner / Founder of Structure and Function Education
• Associate Professor, Athletic Training Programs, A.T. Still University
• Author, Bridging the Gap from Rehab to Performance
Managing Back Pain- What Are We Really Doing?

Back pain is a complicated, multi-factorial issue that affects most clients at some point in time. Research is showing that everything we were taught about posture, movement and manual therapy may not be doing what we think it is doing and it really begs the question, does it matter? In this session, Sue breaks down both the physical and biopsychosocial components to back pain, how our interventions may be affecting both, and really at the end of the day, what do we do with our client who is in pain? Walk away from this session with an evidenced based approach to back pain, and what to do with your clients on Monday.


• Co-founder and Co-owner of Mark Fisher Fitness in NYC, named one of Men’s Health’s Top Gyms in America
• Co-Founder of Business for Unicorns
• 2x Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies in America (including #312 in 2015)
Getting More Clients Without Being Cheesy, Spammy, or Salesy

If you're in the fitness industry, it's because you're passionate about helping your clients and athletes. But whether you own a facility, train athletes, or work with clients in a big box gym, sustainable success requires more than just being a high caliber coach. Want to make the biggest possible impact? Then you have to know how to build a stream of prospects and inspire clients and athletes to work with you. In this lecture, you'll leave with immediately actionable tools to grow your training business, increase your income, and make more impact, all without being "cheesy, spammy, or salesy." (Lecture Only)


• CEO at Vince Gabriele Media
• Author of 6 Fitness Business Books including The Ultimate Guide To Marketing Your Gym And The Ultimate Guide to Sales For Your Gym
• Founder of New Jersey Based Personal Training Gym, Gabriele Fitness And Performance
Complete Sales Mastery: How to Get More Clients, Charge the Prices You Deserve and Get An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competition

Discover the Sales Secrets That Will Boost Your Personal Income, Maximize Your Free Time And Help You Create Life Changing Stories With Your Clients. Vince Will Deliver Cutting Edge And Incredibly Effective Sales Strategies…Brought To You After 20 Years Of In-The-Trenches Experience…So You Can Have A Prosperous Career In The Fitness Industry. (Lecture Only)


• Co-Founder and Owner, Girls Gone Strong
• Creator of the GGS Academy, the world’s first online Academy offering comprehensive, evidence-based, interdisciplinary women-specific coaching certifications
• National speaker on women's strength training and empowerment
A Woman’s Worth: How to Help Your Female Clients Improve Their Body Image

80-81% of women in the U.S. and Canada report being dissatisfied with their bodies and 85% of women report opting out of important life events because of the way they look. Body dissatisfaction and poor body image negatively impact women's lives, and health and fitness professionals can have a profound role in changing that. In this presentation Molly will discuss why negative body image is so damaging for women, how it affects society as a whole, and offer specific, actionable strategies coaches and trainers can use to help their clients dramatically improve their body image and their experience working with you.


• 2-Time Golf Digest Top 50 Golf Fitness Professional
• Founder of Ali-Gilbert.com and MetabolicGolf.com offering remote and local training/health coaching services to alter body composition and optimize metabolism
• Featured in Muscle & Fitness as well as various other publications on the topic of testosterone, metabolism & golf fitness
Toggling the Metabolism: Strategies for The Stubborn Fat Loss Client

As health and fitness professionals, we know how to help people to lose weight. We’re good at that. Where we have failed is helping people keep it off. Today with resources to track everything from sleep, to steps, to food and training, we are ironically more sedentary than ever before. We struggle to maintain hard-earned fat loss. In fact, only 5% of the population can keep weight off after 3 years of “dieting”. In this talk Ali provides a sustainable approach to fat loss using real science, effective strategies and practical methods designed to achieve lasting results.


• Coach & Consultant for PGA Tour, MLB, NFL, NHL and Extreme Sport Athletes
• Head of TPI Fitness Advisory Board and TPI Lead Presenter
• Host of the Coach Glass Podcast & Creator of LoadXplode Certifications/Workshops
Load & Go! Rotational Power

Combining rotational plyometric training with High Triplexity neuromuscular training will help you produce the most explosive rotational athletes on the planet! In this session you will learn Coach Glass’ training philosophy, techniques and exercises that you can use to turn any athlete into a rotational Tasmanian Devil doused in rocket fuel! You will learn how to effectively load and explode rotational slings and ignite the nervous system. Leave this session with specific cues to help train rotational sequencing, understand how to utilize ground reaction force and create unmatched athleticism. You will learn a ton and have way too much fun!


• Senior Network Administrator, Fitness & Sports Performance, St. Luke's University Health Network, Pennsylvania & New Jersey
• Lectures regionally, nationally and internationally in the fields of sports performance, medical fitness & health fitness
• Chapter Author for several books on Athletic Performance, Fitness & Chronic Disease, and Disability Management & Fitness
Astonish Your Clients With Plans That Maximize Outcomes

Energize your fellow colleagues and yourself to develop training platforms for your participants that enable them to maximize their goals and objectives with results oriented outcomes. Discover user friendly quantifiable practices and systems to serve an array of fitness & athletic participants while supporting a branded style. This session will offer means and methods to enable fitness and athletic participants to maximize their fitness and sports performance capability. Attendees will leave the hands-on session with progressive practices for training their clientele.


• CEO, Ultimate Sandbag Training and Creator of the Ultimate Sandbag and the Dynamic Variable Resistance Training System
• Has been teaching continuing education programs for over 15 years in 13 countries, including kettlebells in Russia
• Consulted and created programs for all populations from US Marines, to Division 1 programs, to hospital wellness programs
Train the Planes to Connect the Chains

Our bodies don't just move up and down in real life or in sport. Yet, the great majority of fitness and performance programs are so largely sagittal plane-based you’d think we move in limited ways. Training the other planes of motion not only provides variety, research points to multi-planar strength being essential in developing resilience and greater performance. In order to be effective this type of training it can’t be done haphazardly. In this session, Josh shows you how to systemize and progress the most important training variable that most of us still ignore.


• 42 years coaching experience in strength and conditioning
• Senior Lecturer, St. Mary’s University, Twickenham University
• Fullbright Scholar and All-American Discus Thrower

Using the tools of the strength and conditioning world, this workshop explores the realities of resilience, the ability to come back after falling, failing and flailing. We discuss the roles of prevention, rehab, and performance in "bouncing back" from life's challenges.


• Physical Therapist, Orthopedic Specialist
• Owner of OrthoCore Physical Therapy
• Titleist Certified Medical and Fitness Professional
How to Use PNF Patterns to Improve Mobility & Strength

PNF is a technique that has been used in training since the 1940’s. It is the ground work for our most common exercises such as the chop and lift. Learn the basic patterns and techniques to help your clients use their neurological system to improve their mobility and strength. (Hands-On Only)


• Over 20 years of experience in the field of human performance working with Olympians, professional and Division I athletes, and the U.S. Military
• Helped create Athletes’ Performance (EXOS) with Mark Verstegen
• Currently supporting a high-level Department of Defense effort to define the future soldier performance
Myths, Misconceptions, and Truths About Training

Do you need an aerobic base? Is bilateral deficit really a thing? How fast do you lose strength? Does the FMS predict performance? Is static stretching a bad thing? Can you train speed? Questions like these permeate our profession and often lead to the perpetuation of myths, misconceptions, and half-truths. In this talk we will answer these questions and many more to arm you with the answers you need to better evaluate, prescribe, and implement your training programs.


• Founder and CEO of Alloy Personal Training
• Owner of Alloy Personal Training, conducting over 60,000 personal training sessions a year
• Licensed his business and training systems to over 2,000 clubs worldwide and has now moved to a full franchise model
K.I.S.S. – Achieve More by Doing Less

What if I told you that to achieve more, earn more money and grow personally and professionally you actually need to do LESS?!? That may be hard to believe in a culture that promotes getting on the "grind" and that you have to be a "warrior" to thrive. I'm here to tell you that less is more! Brilliant business minds like Warren Buffet and Steve Jobs would agree. I will share my failures and successes going from personal trainer to business owner to working with thousands of clubs worldwide. I will explain how to simplify your offerings, your training systems and your business. (Lecture Only)


• Owner, Integrative Rehab Training LLC
• Internationally recognized lecturer and consultant
• Clinical Adjunct Faculty at University of New England

Managing and Optimizing Pressure and Tension

The human system is constantly dealing with pressure and tension—both physically and mentally. Managing and balancing these natural internal forces and being able to optimally integrate them into programming can have a significant ability to drive movement, positional control and force production. This program will introduce assessments and intervention strategies along with some specific program considerations for the general population up to high level athletes.


• Owner of the Secret Trainer Society
• Partner at dotFIT and consultant for numerous fitness brands
• Owner of STRONGER Clubs in Massachusetts
Creating Your Ultimate Fitness Culture

We have all heard that “culture is king”, but it’s often difficult to know exactly what to do to create it within our facilities. Join Frank on a journey into the some of the very best ways to build culture and community through his weird and unique lens. Get ready to be uber-inspired to turn your fitness world into something truly original and amazing. In the hands-on Frank will show you some of the best science-based culture and community building workouts.


• Athletic Performance Coach, Speaker, Student, Actor, Producer, Change Catalyst
• NASM Master Instructor and Under Armour Training Team
• Former Athletic Trainer & Strength Coach: NFL, AFL and several Hollywood sports films
Planes, Trains and Automobiles: Holding Space, Layman’s Anatomy and the Analogies That Make Principles Stick

For the most part, traditional coaching happens on a horizontal plane - coaches assist their clients in getting from point A to point B. Yet life-long change almost always happens in the vertical plane - a deepening of the client’s ground of being; a higher respect of self and better access to inner wisdom. During this unique session, Brian will explore many wonderful games and exercises that facilitate honest, whole-hearted communication and challenge our vulnerabilities, thoughts, motions and emotions. If you believe in the power of coaching-with-heart and the magic of connection then do not miss this one.


•Founder and CEO of the Parisi Speed School with over 100 locations worldwide
• Author of "Fascia Training: A Whole System Approach and Success Patterns: Your Blue Print to a Successful Fitness Career"
• Recognized as one of the most successful personal training entrepreneurs in the world and his Parisi system is responsible for training more than 1 million athletes over the past 30 years, including more than 145 NFL draft picks, a host of Olympians and champion UFC fighters
Fascia Training in Application

In this presentation, Bill will cover the latest evidence-based tools, techniques, and training strategies for optimizing the body’s connective tissue system to improve performance and enhance injury resilience. This information-packed session outlines a series of practical exercises, drills, and concepts you can immediately apply to up your game regardless of skill-level or sport using the most recent research and technologies available.


• Founder of the National Fitness Business Alliance
• Internationally acclaimed presenter and consultant
• Considered by many to be the most influential person working in the fitness business industry today
The Biggest Mistakes You Will Make in Your Career and Your Life

Coaching for a living is a tough job that burns up many good people. The average coach in the U.S. today only lasts about four years and is gone, giving up the dream of living their life doing what he or she loved the most. There are common mistakes we all make that work to end your career. You will face risk, money issues, challenges in career direction and a handful of other career breakers that can take you down if you are not prepared. This workshop is about anticipating and surviving the biggest mistakes a coach will make in your career and maybe your life too. If you are a working coach struggling in your career, trapped on a path going nowhere, or fighting to make the money you think you deserve, then this is the one workshop you will want to attend. (Lecture Only)


• Founder of Training For Warriors, with over 300 affiliate locations in 28 countries
• Certified over 4,000 trainers worldwide in the Training For Warriors Certification
• Consultant to numerous Professional Sport Teams, Division I Universities, Fortune 500 companies and Military Organizations
Coach to Coach: 7 Lessons to Help More People Get Better Results

Over the last 20 years, Martin has coached thousands of athletes and clients to high level performance. In this inspiring lecture, Martin shares the secrets of improving your coaching style to create a better community in your programs. Getting that culture in place is an absolute pre-requisite to sharing all of your training and nutrition knowledge. During his high-energy hands-on, Martin will demonstrate the principles of coaching to increase connection and drive better results.


• Engineer and Doctor of Chiropractic
• Co-Founder of the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), OnBase University and RacquetFit
• Co-Owner of Functional Movement Systems
Developing Rotational Athletes – Cradle to Grave

In this presentation, Dr. Rose will discuss the major steps required to develop competitive level rotational athletes of all ages. Dr. Rose will highlight the key differences in managing youth athletes, high school and college athletes, professional athletes and adult weekend warriors. The focus will be on rotational sports such as Golf, Tennis and Baseball. Topics such as movement screening, yearly programming, power development and skill integration will be covered.


• Owner of Drive Fitness in NYC
• One of the most sought after coaches in the world, with a high-profile clientele roster ranging from professional athletes to celebrities and business moguls
• Men's Health Advisory Board Member as well as launched multiple digital platforms and is the founding partner in half a dozen brands
Total Brand of a Professional Coach

Becoming a good trainer is the easy part. Many coaches out there wonder why they continue their education to become the most knowledgeable coach but cannot become successful from a financial standpoint. In this presentation, Don will review 10 points that are imperative in making a six to potential seven figure salary. He will show you how to multiply your client roster as well as develop a call to action with your social media plan. Come learn everything you need to know to become successful on all fronts. (Lecture Only)


• Owner of Happy Hour, a Boston-based network of coaches specializing in personal training and sports performance
• Formally a senior coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (2009-2019)
• Formally the Senior Educator at Certified Functional Strength Coach and Clinic Director at Movement as Medicine (2015-2019)
Conditioning: The Head, the Heart and the Why

This presentation is an intelligent approach on designing effective conditioning programs. We will explore the science and evaluation of the heart, and how to design intelligent conditioning programs for longevity and performance. Stop guessing with random intervals and bouts of conditioning, and learn how to create based on the individual physiology of the clients you interact with.


• CEO / Founder of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy
• Podiatrist and Human Movement Specialist
• Creator of the Barefoot Training Specialist Certification for health and wellness professionals
The Anterior Pubic Joint: Demystifying Groin Injuries and Athletic Pubalgia

JTo date some of the most frustrating and frequently misdiagnosed injuries are those to the groin or the anterior pubic joint. Join Human Movement Specialist Dr. Emily Splichal as she takes a functional approach to chronic anterior pelvic pain and its association with lumbopelvic hip micro-instability and delayed local stabilization pathways. Learn some of the common exercises and progressive programming she uses with her patients as well as her own personal experience with athletic pubalgia.


• 20+ years in the fitness industry and former strength coach and national level track and field athlete
• 10 years as a sports physician treating athletes of all levels from local/novice to world champions and professionals
• Teaches strength training, rehabilitation, anatomy and biomechanics all over the world for Athlete Enhancement
7 Rules to Avoid Low Back Pain in Strength Training

Lower back pain and injury plague athletics, especially the strength training profession. It frequently limits an athlete’s ability to train and often is the reason athletes' seasons and even careers end. In this talk, Dr. Richard Ulm will cover the mechanics of lower back pain/injury; will teach you how to properly train the core and cover how to program core training so your athletes are able to perform at the highest level possible. Every coach who uses strength training with their athletes needs to see this talk.


• Head of Athletic Performance & Science, Irish Rugby Football Union
• Former Director of Education and NFL Combine Lead, EXOS
• Author of "The Language of Coaching: The Art & Science of Teaching Movement"
The Language of Coaching: A Story About Learning

Based on his newly released book, "The Language of Coaching", Nick Winkelman takes you on a practical journey through the world of coaching science and the intersection between a coach’s words and their client’s movement. If you agree that how you coach is as important as what you coach, then you’re not going to want to miss this.


• International speaker in the fields of nutrition and exercise
• Advisory Board Member for the Titleist Performance Institute and National Pitching Association
• Author of "Hole-in-One Nutrition: A Guide to Fueling Better Golf"
Protein: A Pro or Con?

Protein has become a controversial topic in nutrition. Some experts say it’s essential to health and performance whereas other experts suggest it is a leading cause of disease and a detriment to performance. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Many of our clients and athletes are confused about protein consumption. What are the pros and cons? Robert will break it all down in an evidence based presentation that will give you the necessary information to help guide your clients to make the right choice for them. (Lecture Only)


Perform Better's Functional Training Summit is designed to provide trainers, coaches, and therapists with a combination of lectures and hands-on learning experience with many of the top professionals in the industry.

The presenters will include many of the most respected names in training, conditioning, and rehabilitation.

Attendees will have a choice of two lectures and two hands-on sessions every 90 minutes. Sign up for each presentation is not required; however, space may be limited for select hands-on sessions. Friday night complimentary social with the opportunity to network and exchange ideas Feature presentation, question and answer session. Centrally located in beautiful downtown Providence, RI


Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Athletic Trainers, Coaches & anyone interested in learning more about the latest concepts in Functional Training and Rehabilitation.


NSCA - 1.8

A full refund can be issued if cancelled 21 days prior to the event.

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