Fitness Rehab: An Integrative Model on Rehab & Training


Saturday, May 13, 2017
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM*

**schedule times subject to change


Perform Better Functional Training Institute
1600 Division Road
West Warwick, RI 02983
(800) 556-7464

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Registration - $169

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Residence Inn by Marriott
725 Centre of New England Boulevard
West Greenwich, RI 02817

Reservations: (401) 828-1170
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Fitness Rehab: An Integrative Model On Rehab & Training

Habilitate: Made able; to make or become fit (Latin)

Those who are in the wellness industry and provide services for people have developed certain skills and strategies which enable them to be successful with their clients and patients. However, over the years the lines have become increasingly blurred as professionals begin to become more educated in different aspects of other disciplines. While certain responsibilities of both rehabilitation and training professionals are strightforward, it is not always clear what is “allowed“ from one discipline to the other. As a fitness professional, how can I train my client who has pain? As a rehabilitation specialist, should I be training a patient who is in physical therapy? There are elements of each of these questions which need to be addressed, as well as trying to develop a more integrative health team which can work together to help with a smooth transition from one discipline to the other, which is optimal for patient and client outcomes.

One of the bigger challenges wellness professionals encounter is getting their clients to be able to functiona and train through a more balanced position. Screens and assessments are critical, but having the ability to access multiple systems to be able to function, as asymmyptomatically as possible, through all three planes of movement is the ultimate goal. Being able to find and feel a more optimal position for movement, training, performance and loading is critical for success.


Each participant will be able to…

  • Look at various systems in place designed to help with the assessment process for patients and clients.
  • Discuss practical applications in how they assist with guiding intervention strategies.
  • Review and perform particular activities and sequences which help manage this process.

    A full refund can be issued 7 days prior to the event.