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Training the Female Athlete
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Training the Female Athlete

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SKU: 8556

with Coach Adam Feit & Coach Bobby Smith

Inside the Complete Guide to Training the Female Athlete program, you’ll discover all the training needs and requirements for today’s female athlete. Covering ACL injury mechanisms and prevention strategies, deceleration and landing mechanics, warm-ups, activation patterns, mobility and stability exercises, lifting and power progressions as well as our entire speed and agility training system.


Section One
Training "The Other Side" (23:28)

Section Two
The ACL Epidemic (29:03)

Section Three
Warm-up (Lateral & Linear Warm-ups) (60:57)

Section Four
Medicine Ball and Jump Training (78:04)

Section Five
Linear Speed (Max Velocity and Acceleration) (45:55)

Section Six
Lateral Speed (Cutting, Stopping, Decelerating, Reaccelerating) (36:36)

Section Seven
Cross-Over Speed (19:38)

Section Eight
The Complete System (28:31)

Section Nine
Day 1 Lifting/Programming (50:01)  

Section Ten
Day 2 Lifting/Programming (52:46)

Section Eleven
Day 3 Lifting/Programming (30:25)

Book with Handouts
Powerpoint Handouts and Sample Programs (215 pages)

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