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Tsunami Bars
SKU: 2570
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Tsunami Bars

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Price: $399.95 to $599.95
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SKU: 2570

Bars oscillate making stabilizing muscles much more active.

  • Develop maximal impulse forces while using submaximal loads.
  • Great for stabilization benefits and recruiting more muscle fibers.
  • Lowering the bar and rasing it with speed increases the force-velocity relationship more than a steel bar can.
  • All bars include collars.

Tsunami Bar-Light can be loaded from 10-25 lbs. on each end. 72" long (11 lbs.)
Tsunami Bar-Level 1 can be loaded from 25-45 lbs. on each end. 78" long (13 lbs.)
Tsunami Bar-Level 3 can be loaded from 45-135 lbs. on each end. 90" long (15 lbs.)

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