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Tiger Tail Curve
SKU: 7844
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Tiger Tail Curve

Price: $24.95

SKU: 7844

Portable, economical, easy to use, and great for trigger point therapy!

An inventive new way to foam roll! Think of the Tiger Tail Curve Ball as a stationary foam roller. Or, if a foam roller and massage ball had a baby it would be The Curve Ball

  • First ever stable massage tool - A grippy flat base provides sustained stationary traction enabling the user to work out muscle knots without having to control the tool.
  • High density foam means the pressure applied using the Tiger Tail Curve Ball is strong enough to be effective but not painful. For extra sensitive knots use The Curve Ball against the wall. For deeper work let gravity assist and use The Curve Ball on the floor.
  • Cleaning is a breeze - Simply wipe down the surface of the Curve Ball with a damp soapy rag to keep it as good as new!
  • Perfect for hips, glutes, piriformis, hamstrings, back, shoulders, psoas and other muscle groups typically massaged by a foam roller.

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