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Vertimax Raptor
SKU: 1038
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Vertimax Raptor

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SKU: 1038

A portable resistance training system to develop speed and strength.

  • Attach to a fence or wall to transform any space into a speed center
  • Raptor Feeder Pulleys attach from the unit directly to the athlete, allowing them to change resistance vector locations both laterally and vertically
  • Has a training range of over 30 yards
  • Lightweight, portable system is only 36"L x 8"W and weights 17lbs.

    Resistance Levels:
  • 1/4" Cords - 4lb to 8lbs
  • 5/16" Cords - 8lbs to 16lbs
  • 3/8" Cords - 12lbs to 24lbs

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