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Complete Program Design
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Complete Program Design

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SKU: 8557

By: Coah Robert Dos Remedios

Complete Program Design – The Presentation

The nuts and bolts of periodization…this is the background and backbone of the Complete Program Design System. Coach Dos has organized the program that covers scientific principles and combined them with practical coaching applications that you can use immediately with your clients and athletes.

Complete Program Design – The Manual

In the 106 page Complete Program Design Manual, Coach Dos goes deeper into science of periodization and program design. He breaks down different types of programs and shows examples of 2-3x/week and 4x/week programs. Exercises are shown as a quick reference guide.

Complete Program Design – The Exercise Library Over 130 Exercises Divided into Movement Categories

We really should address our training from a MOVEMENT standpoint instead of thinking about training specific muscles. We have some very important movements that we should address in our training and in doing so, we will hit ALL of our muscles and also never have to worry about imbalance or dysfunction.

The movement categories are similar to many that you have seen: Knee Dominant that includes squatting, stepping, and lunging patterns, Hip Dominant which basically addresses Hinging and can include knee flexion as it works in combination with hip extension, Pushing that includes both horizontal and vertical pushing, Pulling that includes both horizontal and vertical pulling, Core Demands that include both rotational and anti-rotational demands and also pillar or planking demands, and an explosive category as I think this is a standalone category that we ALL should address in our training.

Additionally, there is a Warm-Up & Activation category and Dynamic Warm-Up and Mobility Categories covering the full range of a complete strength training program.

Complete Program Design – The Workout Cards (Putting it All Together)

The ‘Plug and Play’ template system is perhaps the single coolest thing about Complete Program Design. Coach Dos has taken what he considers all the Essential Human Movements and created a template that houses the best exercises under each category. He gets into more detail with these categories and exercises when he describes the templates themselves and the “pull-down menu” workout cards. The workout cards are Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

The Plug and Play system allows you the freedom to choose from a variety of exercises in each movement category and even allows you to add your own exercises! Another benefit of using this style of system is your ability to always see the exercises you have at your disposal as there are times that we tend to neglect some exercises for a variety of reasons.

Now you can personalize your entire week and pick and choose sessions on any given day.

The hassles of writing out your cards, choosing your exercises, figuring out your set/rep schemes /protocols for each cycle are GONE FOREVER!

Simply open a workout card file….click on the exercise movement….choose your exercise from the pull-down menu…click and your card is ready to print!

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