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Ballistic Ball Medicine Balls
SKU: 1167
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Ballistic Ball Medicine Balls

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SKU: 1167

The Ballistic Ball is the medicine ball with brains! The Ballistic Ball blends cutting-edge sensor technology with the versatility of a medicine ball.

Ballistic Ball Medicine Ball Features:

  • The Ballistic Ball blends the same cutting-edge sensor technology as the Bar Sensei with the versatility of an medicine ball.
  • Throw or pass your Ballistic Ball to measure power, force, speed, and effort.
  • It provides information straight to your smart phone or tablet.
  • Measure what really counts. Whatever the medicine ball exercise, the Ballistic Ball measures power, force, speed, and effort instead of "how high" and "how far".

  • Ballistic Ball Measurements Include:

  • Power in watts.
  • Force.
  • Speed.
  • Total throwing angle.
  • Performance outputs during loading phase (helpful for sport-specific training).

  • You can also figure out your optimum weight medicine ball. Build a power curve to see at which weight you generate peak power, along with your speed and force.

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