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Bar Sensei
SKU: 1176
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Bar Sensei

0 reviews  
Price: $509.95

SKU: 1176

Provides instant feedback to see results, motivate effort, and track progress.

  • Sensor will provide you with information showing power, force, speed, and bar distance
  • Attach Bar Sensei to an Olympic Bar for instant feedback on your Olympic Lifts
  • The A2P Sport app is now available for iPhone and iPod touch
  • Results of lifts and trends are sent directly to your iPad MINI 3, MINI 4, AIR, AIR 2, PRO, iPhone5s, 6, 6+, and 7
  • Bar Sensei weights only one ounce and is small enough to stay out of your way during the movements
  • Upgraded Pro and Research apps are available for an additional cost, providing enhanced features

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