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MoveStrong™ NOVA FTS
SKU: MoveStrong Nova

MoveStrong™ NOVA FTS


SKU: MoveStrong Nova

Ideal for group workouts with coaches and trainers, or just to provide exercisers with the most up to date functional training tools available.

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Pillar Attachments

  • Single or Double GRT
  • Free Slide Anchors™ (Patent Pending)
  • Suspension Hangers
  • Vertical Rope Anchors
  • Adjustable Dip, Step

  • Center Section Stations

  • Kick plate & medicine ball target
  • Stall Bars
  • Anchor Rope Ladder
  • Sliding Pull-Up™ (Patent Pending)
  • Climber Bar
  • Fixed Pull-up station
  • Arched Monkey Bar or Pull-up Bridge

  • Additional options coming soon.

    Storage Options

  • Storage Trays Choose up to three trays designed for the MoveStrong DynaBell™, kettlebells, or traditional dumbbells
  • Accessory Storage Ideal for storing training ropes, resistance bands, jump ropes, and other fitness accessories
  • Medicine Ball Storage for standard or oversize medicine balls

  • Specs

  • Colossal-sized sturdy pillars for support and anchoring of storage and training features
  • Modular design allows Super NOVA to be created by connecting two NOVA stations with horizontal or arch Monkey bar bridge
  • Pillars have base anchors tabs to allow NOVA to be bolted to floor
  • Better grip with textured finish
  • Dual color options highlight features and provide a unique look

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