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VMX Rope Trainer
SKU: 3559

VMX Rope Trainer

Price: $5,095.00

SKU: 3559

The VMX Rope Trainer from Marpo Kinetics alternates rope heights, grips, and pull directions to create a great functional training tool.

VMX Rope Trainer Features:

  • Easy-to-adjust sliding carriage to allow for vertical, diagonal, horizontal and reserse pulls.
  • Dynamic resistance range goes from 1-200 lbs. (1.5-90.7 kg)
  • The Dynamic Magnetic Brake (DMB) mechanism allows the power output to vary throughout the entire path of each pull of the rope.
  • The durable rope is soft and easy to grip.
  • Electronic display tracks distance, time, speed and calories.
  • The VMX Rope Trainer is powered by 3 AA batteries (does NOT require an AC power source).
  • Measures 96" H x 82" L x 40" W and weighs 210 lbs. (95.5 kg).

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