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CrossCore 180
SKU: 1860
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CrossCore 180

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Price: $199.95

SKU: 1860

The CrossCore 180 is a rotational bodyweight training system that adds rotational movement to body weight training exercises. The CrossCore 180 adds instability, improves balance, and increases core inclusion, strength and agility.

CrossCore® Rotational Bodyweight Training™ gear was originally invented for the US military for portable training consistency. The CrossCore 180 is extremely durable and will hold up to the most rigorous workouts.

CrossCore 180 Features:

  • Magnetic pin locks pulley in place to make movements more stable,
  • Pull the pin to add rotation and make exercises more challenging.
  • Lock handle carabiners into the top pulley to perform pull-ups and knee raises.
  • Remove a handle and add a kettlebell, sandbag or resistance band for added versatility.
  • Gymnastics rings can be added for cross-training exercises such as rotational dips and muscle-ups.
  • The adjustable anchor strap can attach to any safe anchor point such as pull-up bars, weight racks and wood beams (from 7' to 11' high).
  • The built-in door anchor allows you to use the CrossCore 180 anywhere.

  • Includes:

  • Cross Core 180 Trainer
  • Carry bag
  • Basic training DVD
  • Basic training manual

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