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The Cube
SKU: 5244

The Cube

This product has been discontinued

SKU: 5244

The Cube (also known as the Chameleon c360) is a stable platform for repeatable and measurable speed and agility training.

The Cube is an entirely new way to teach and improve speed, agility, quickness, balance, coordination, lateral mobility, reaction time, strength and endurance. It conditions the neuromuscular system to improve firing patterns of fast twitch fibers and establishes correct balance and recovery skills into muscle memory.

Features of The Cube:

  • Writes correct balance and recovery skills into muscle memory.
  • Builds strength and endurance.
  • Raises heart rate.
  • Burns calories at a blazing pace (400-700 per half hour)
  • Features a simple measurement system.
  • Includes Functional Training Manual with 25 exercises.

  • Credentials:

  • Trusted for years by professionals and college athletes and coaches.
  • Invented by professional trainer Dave Jacob.
  • Tested by Sam Houston State University

  • Specifications:

  • Opens into a 9-box grid, measuring about 5'x5'
  • Each box in the grid measures approximately 20" square.
  • Folds easily into a small storage bag.

  • "As Director of the Human Performance Lab at Sam Houston State University, I have had the opportunity to research the Chameleon 360. Our research demonstrates that the C360 is an outstanding tool, which can be used to enhance speed and agility. The improvement that our research study demonstrates is very impressive. I have worked with athletes for almost 25 years and have used many tools for speed and agility training and I am convinced that the C360 is the best training tool available.

    I also see another very interesting and valuable use for the C360. I truly believe the C360 would be a wonderful fitness training device. After watching athletes use the C360 I envisioned using the C360 in a group fitness setting or as an at home fitness trainer. Exercise training routines can be developed and individuals can complete these routines either at home or as part of group fitness class. The cardiovascular benefits and the calorie expenditure of using the C360 would be exceptional.

    I have been in the performance and fitness business for over 25 years and I have never seen a better training tool. The C360 has the unique ability to cross over from performance to fitness and in each area be at the top."

    Gary Oden, Pd. D, PES, CES, NASM
    Director of Human Performance
    Sam Houston State University

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