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Free Pull-Up Kit
SKU: 3792

Free Pull-Up Kit

Price: $299.95

SKU: 3792

Add a new dimension to your pull-ups with the Free Pull-Up Kit.

The innovative Free Pull-Up Kit allows you to adjust the width of your pull-ups while you're doing them! One handle slides as the other stays stationary, allowing you to perform narrow to wide pull-ups. As the handles slides during a pull-up, you dynamically change the targeted muscles throughout the movement.

The Free Pull-Up Kit attaches to any 1" to 1.25" diameter bar, making it great for gyms with multiple bar systems. The ball bearings ensure a free and smooth roll and the comfortable, foam-covered handles rotate. The kit comes with an exercise band for assisted pull-up exercises.

  • Adjust the width of your grip while performing pull-ups.
  • Attaches to any chin up bar that measures 1" – 1.25" in diameter
  • Includes exercise band for assisted pull-ups.
  • Supports up to 300 lbs.

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