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fitLight Trainer
SKU: 1519

fitLight Trainer


SKU: 1519

The fitLight Trainer is a wireless, 3 dimensional training system that focuses on physical fitness, reaction training, movement training and vision training.

The fitLight Trainer can be adapted and configured for all sports and is also a great rehab tool.

fitLight Trainer Features:

  • Set up lights in any configuration to improve hand-eye coordination, strength and conditioning, and agility.
  • Lights are used as targets to help train your reaction time and speed.
  • Program the lights to be deactivated by full contact or by proximity sensing.
  • Allows for single or multiple users for more dynamic, competitive training.
  • Various measurements can be captured for immediate feedback through Real Time Assessments or Data Capture.
  • Mount LED lights to any wall, floor or piece of equipment for endless training options.
  • System includes 8 LED powered lights, central PDA controller, self-charging storage case and software.
  • Additional lights and mounting systems are available.

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