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Professional Functional Movement Screen Test Kit
SKU: 6856
2 reviews  
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Professional Functional Movement Screen Test Kit

2 reviews  
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SKU: 6856

A high-end, self-contained testing kit.

  • Wood test kit is made of bamboo and has a urethane coating for durability
  • Kit can be broken in half, making it perfect for travel
  • Side poles screw into kit and can be packed up easily
  • No-slip grip tape on the bottom of the kit keeps it from sliding during testing
  • Laser engraved measurement numbers are easy to read and will not fade
  • Professional kit includes an FMS travel bag to store and carry your kit

    *This is calibrated using the metric measuring system. It measures in centimeters.


    The Motor Control Screen(MCS) is a stability test that gives you vital information on how you stabilize, balance and control your movement through single limb competency. The MCS is part of the Modified-FMS and Fundamental Capacity Screen. The Motor Control Screen Slide Box is a critical piece of equipment that is needed in order to effectively collect the most accurate and reliable data. It was designed to be placed onto the FMS test kit for more efficient testing. For more information about the MCS Slide Box please click here.

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