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FreeStyle Step
SKU: 5734
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FreeStyle Step

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SKU: 5734

The FreeStyle Step provides challenging versatility that can help revolutionize your workouts.

Each FreeStyle Step includes two FreeStyle Risers and two original risers.

Horizontal or Angle
The FreeStyle Step allows you to change-up the height or configuration quickly and easily. You can easily adjust the step between four, six, and eight inches. Lay it flat, put it on a horizontal with risers, or position it at a slant for new workout possibilities.

Comfortable, Non-Slip Surface
The 40x14 inch cushioned, textured surface can hold up to 300 pounds. Choose between a gray platform and an eye-catching red platform.

Versatile Risers
The Original Step can only be used horizontally. The FreeStyle Step comes with two original risers and two new "angle compatible" risers with indentations on top to allow you to "lock-in" the platform at an angle for a stable workout. Once you get comfortable at one level, add some height to make it more difficult. For even more demanding workouts, you purchase extra pairs of risers.

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