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MoveStrong™ Wall Mounted FTS
SKU: 3697

MoveStrong™ Wall Mounted FTS


SKU: 3697

The MoveStrong Wall Mounted Functional Training Station is a great way to provide a space efficient area to perform bodyweight and functional strength exercises. It anchors into a solid wall support structure leaving the floor space available to perform the exercises desired.

A variety of bodyweight exercises while utilizing many functional training accessories such as Resistance bands, Suspension, Medicine balls, Olympic bar rotational trainer, Training Ropes, and more. A great space saver to provide a dedicated area for individual workouts and great for small group training with 4-8 participants.

Key Features

• Maximize floor space and provide a dedicated area for many functional strength
exercise options
• Dedicated anchors for resistance bands, training ropes, punching bag and a olympic bar
• Customize with varied size and grip option pull-up bars for grip strength, rope
pull exercises, and climbing skills
• Ability to customize with additional outside training post for more training options and group training
• Ability to add medicine ball targets and rebounders
• Storage hooks for ropes and bands

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