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MoveStrong™ Studio Model FTS
SKU: 3698

MoveStrong™ Studio Model FTS


SKU: 3698

The MoveStrong™ Studio Model FTS is designed to be a compact all-in-one station to preform bodyweight, functional strength, and classic barbell exercises. The Studio FTS is ideal for the smaller fitness center, studio, home, or athletic facility that is limited on space yet still great for a trainer or coach to work with 4-6 clients simultaneously in a small group setting.

Perform a variety of bodyweight exercises while incorporating many new functional strength training exercises with Resistance bands, Suspension, Medicine balls, Olympic bars, Rotational trainers, Training ropes, and more.

Key Features
• Space efficient for individual use or small group training
• Standard and Elite model options in order to customize features
• 3-tier pull-up bars with optional grips that can be arranged as desired
• Dedicated anchor points for resistance bands, Training ropes, and a Olympic bar holder with two GRTs (ground rotational trainer)
• J-hooks are optional in order to perform more traditional strength exercises such as Squats and Presses
• Allows for the MoveStrong™ Sliding pull up™, Globe grip, Fat bar, or Fixed bent handle grip bar
• Medicine ball targets can be adjusted to a center height of 8, 9, or 10 feet on both sides
• Eye loop anchors at top and bottom for resistance bands or suspension devices
• Bracket available for mounting medicine ball rebounder
• Customer colors and logos available

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