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Jungle Gym XT
SKU: 7826
3 reviews  
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Jungle Gym XT

3 reviews  
Price: $99.95

SKU: 7826

Versatile, portable, adjustable device for bodyweight exercises.

The Jungle Gym XT, the next-generation in suspension training, offers many new key features including:

  • Two suspension straps, 8' each
  • Split anchoring design allows traditional “V-Shaped” use, or wide angle use allowing many more exercises like dips and pullups to be performed
  • Easy-in foot cradles that are a quick and easy to get in and out of
  • Rubber grip surfaces that last longer, are easier to clean and faster drying than foam handles
  • Custom carbon-fiber cam buckles that are smooth edged and lay in-line with straps to greatly improve comfort on forearms
  • Integrated synch loops, and non-scuff door anchors (standard) that allow it to be attached to any beam, bar or carabineer.
  • Duro-Link attachment that connects the two straps to transform it into a single unit that can be thrown over, and retrieved back from found objects like playground equipment.

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