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FreeMotion EPIC Tricep LMT
SKU: 1472

FreeMotion EPIC Tricep LMT


SKU: 1472

The FreeMotion EPIC Tricep builds strength in the upper arms for activities that involve pushing movements. The back pad adjusts horizontally to support the back and handles slide along a linear shaft for natural movement.CALL FOR PRICE

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+ LM™ Technology

Handles slide from side to side along a linear shafting, allowing arms to move in a natural movement pattern.

+ Adjustable Back Pad

The back pad is angled for comfort and can be easily adjusted by simply pulling the seat forward or pulling the pop-pin and sliding to the appropriate position.

+ Seat Adjustments

Seat adjustments can be made by simply lifting or tilting and pressing down to the appropriate height.

+ Cable

Heavy-duty, 1/4-inch cable is rated to 4,200 lbs. minimum tensile strength.

+ Weight Stack

Oval-shaped stack is enclosed to limit access to moving parts.

+ Bolt-down Strap

For added safety, equipment can be bolted to the floor.

+ Floor Protectors

Made of molded rubber, floor protectors guard against damaging the floor.

+ Serviceability

The weight stack access panel allows for simple cable service while the removable upholstery and Linex® wear guards increase cushion life and easy replacement of wear items.


  • Length: 51" (130 cm)
  • Width: 54" (137 cm)
  • Height: 62" (157 cm)
  • Weight: 387lbs (176 kgs)
Weight Stack 200
Config 10 - 100 x 10 lbs., 120 - 200 x 20 lbs.





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