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FreeMotion EPIC Bicep (Non-LM)
SKU: 1471

FreeMotion EPIC Bicep (Non-LM)


SKU: 1471

The FreeMotion EPIC Bicep targets muscles in the upper arms for activities such as opening jars and lifting groceries. The handles swivel throughout the movement for natural range of motion.CALL FOR PRICE

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+ Swiveling Handle Design

Handles swivel for a comfortable grip in any position and natural movement through the range of motion.

+ Seat Adjustments

Seat adjustments can be made by simply lifting or tilting and pressing down to the appropriate height.

+ Cable

Heavy-duty, 1/4" cable is rated to 4,200 lbs. minimum tensile strength.

+ Weight Stack

Oval-shaped stack is enclosed to limit access to moving parts.

+ Bolt-down Strap

For added safety, equipment can be bolted to the floor.

+ Floor Protectors

Made of molded rubber, floor protectors guard against damaging the floor.

+ Serviceability

The weight stack access panel allows for simple cable service while the removable upholstery and Linex® wear guards increase cushion life and allow for easy replacement of wear items.


  • Length: 41" (104 cm)
  • Width: 52" (132 cm)
  • Height: 62" (157 cm)
  • Weight: 400lbs (181 kgs)


10 - 100 x 10 lbs. (4.5 - 45.5 x 4.5 kg)
120 - 200 x 20 lbs. (54 - 91 x 9 kg)



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